Naturopath / Holistic Consultant

At This Life Holistic Healing; helping people to regain their health and quality of life is my passion; regardless of their current health status. My knowledge is broad and I’m confident in a spectrum of life and health issues.

Whether a minor ailment or something chronic and more complex; I will be able to guide you.

My qualifications, research focused background, personal life experience and drive to achieve, provides me the knowledge to create effective outcomes for my clients.

Today’s Health Crisis is Compounding on many Levels

I strongly believe; with the proper guidance, optimal health and disease prevention is achievable for most people.  No-one wants to get sick or receive a diagnosis but unfortunately this is the path that many are on.

Many modern day, processed food products are severely compromised.  Not only are they nutritionally void and packed with chemicals; they are a major contributing factor to the current health crisis we find ourselves in.

Further to diet; health management and exposure to environmental toxins needs to be assessed.

In broadening the spectrum that is our everyday life; additional considerations are absolutely necessary to regain optimal health.  We are living in a time that is thick with (what I like to term as) subconscious and emotional Virus’s, which create illusion and lead to mental illness.

Compounding factors, such as the fear and shame-based society in which we live; the ever increasing, deceptive and harmful information in the media and on social media platforms all need to be recognised for what they are!

What they are, is soul destroying; and what they do; is take us further and further away from who we really are; which is the destined SELF.

All these compounding factors manifest into physical illness; thus, creating the perfect health storm.

Illness has become “Common” but not “Normal”

Today, illness and disease are widespread and touches every one of us to some extent.  Illness is almost expected and sadly accepted; it has become very common to receive a serious diagnosis “COMMON but not NORMAL”.  Contrary to popular belief the human body is not designed to “wear out”.

Our cells are continually renewing and rebuilding.  Ideally, we should have optimal health and functions long into older age.

We all have CHOICE…

Our personal choices can be our slowest poison or our best medicine.  Every choice; every thought, every action, every word we speak has the power to hurt or heal; us and others.

Becoming more conscious, aware, informed and empowered about our everyday choices; and in turn choosing wisely, allows the mind, body and soul to calm and heal.  Becoming proactive may prevent us from becoming a future statistic.

THIS LIFE provides us with “one body” to transport us around; the comfort of our journey is predominantly determined by our personal choice.

Every Individual is Unique

I recognise that everyone is unique, with a unique set of genetics and influences.  Each individual’s; spiritual, emotional, physical & environmental factors all lead that person to their current state of being.

These factors may differ greatly from one person to another.  Two people may present with similar symptoms, but with a completely different set of causes.  Therefore, each treatment protocol I provide is based on what is right for them. 

There is no “Magic Pill”

In order to identify causes I need to know your story. I have created a specialised approach that provides me with insight into “who you are” and how you got to “where you are now”.  This holistic process allows me to identify your areas of concern.

There is no “One Size Fits all Approach”

My approach is inspirational and educational, so that ultimately you can take control and be less dependent on conventional methods to maintain your health. Treating symptoms with chemicals is not always the best solution and masking the problem without concern for its origin may lead to further complications.

Am I the Right Natural Health Practitioner for you?

Addressing your causative factors; thereby alleviating symptoms naturally is not always a quick fix and is not always easy.  To achieve your desired outcome; patience and determination will be required.  Your dedication will reward you and the results may be life changing.

I will Guide and Support you Through-out your Transformation

  • Do you want an informative, trusting relationship that is unique, individualised and focused on what is right for you?
  • Would you like to get to the root cause of your health concerns so you can finally feel better?

If your answer is YES… then I am the right person for you.


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