BEWARE of “THE ICEBERG EFFECT” of Chronic Illness & Disease

Without understanding the ICEBERG effect many people fail to ever fully heal and rebound back into ill health.  This state of healing limbo, may in turn lead to even poorer health.

What does “The Iceberg Effect” mean?

It means, your signs and symptoms (what you can see and feel) account for 10% or the ice that is above the ocean’s surface.  And, the other 90% of your metabolic damage and imbalances are below the surface and cannot be seen (the rest of the iceberg).

Healing from Chronic Illness & Disease

Health concerns usually sit in the back of someone’s mind for years.  Although, unfortunately, it usually takes a scare.  Only after receiving the dreaded diagnosis; for most, this is when they step up and make the necessary changes to begin to heal.

Generally, humans are reactive opposed to proactive.  This is such a common scenario and may also be partly because of “what you don’t know, doesn’t hurt you” or “out of sight, out of mind”… or plain lack of willpower.

You now have Choices – Heal at a cellular level Vs drugs and a declining quality of life!

Hopefully you decide you would like to heal!

So, you may now be receiving treatment or taking proactive steps to heal yourself.  Maybe your signs and symptoms are lessening or they may have disappeared altogether.    Some examples here may be:

Don’t fall into a False Sense of Security

Once your signs and symptoms abate, don’t think for a second that you are completely healed.  You may not feel or see anything, but the chronic, metabolic damage is still there.

The unseen metabolic damage is still lurking below the surface… 

The unseen iceberg…

Most chronic conditions and diseases manifest under the radar for many years;  they are compounding and develop slowly.  You must understand that reversing years of cellular damage takes time.

Cellular Damage = Tissue Damage = Organ Damage = Organ Inflammation = Symptoms = Diagnosis (doctors visit)

You have to reverse this process (shrink the iceberg)

For example:

Let’s say someone is 50 years old and has come to me with an autoimmune condition. Their history may indicate 20 years of related metabolic stressors. These may be chemical, physical and/or emotional in nature.

I usually work on, a one month per year ratio. This then indicates to me that approximately 20 months may be a good estimate of time to get them back into optimal health (for them).

Some may be thinking that this is ridiculous amount of time!!  But seriously this is how long it may take.  When I say 20 months to achieve optimal health for the individual; I don’t mean it’s going to take them 20 months to feel better.

Feeling better may be accomplished in as little as a few weeks to a few months. Body functions may start to normalise and feelings of wellness can happen fast.

BUT!!!  You have to keep your health protocol going to melt the rest of the “unseen Iceberg”

The Iceberg effect is an Analogy

Let me be clear, the “Iceberg Effect” is a visual guide (or an analogy) to make it understandable for everyone.  Percentages and timeframes mentioned are not set in cement. Some people may heal extremely quickly while others may take longer.

I want anyone who is on a healing journey to get it! 

No two people with chronic illness and disease are the same and everyone’s health status will vary.  The approach has to be assessed thoroughly as there are many contributing factors that must be considered and addressed.

Whatever your health status is your body will want to naturally move towards health, as this is our natural state of being.  Signs and symptoms come when it can no longer compensate under the radar.

To be successful you need to eliminate your healing obstacles, such as toxicities and address nutritional deficiencies.

Provide the correct fuel and your body will do the rest

Don’t make the mistake of slipping back into old ways too soon; or ever (because you feel better). Your signs and symptoms may reappear quickly and you will be back to square one; or probably worse than before.

Only YOUR BODY will heal you, nothing else can…  I can guide you.


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