The Biggest Health Sabotages in Modern Diets are “FILLERS”

So what are fillers?

  • They are cheap.
  • Fillers do exactly that… they fill you up!
  • The carbohydrate content literally turns into glucose & spikes your blood sugar.
  • All that pure energy that’s not used increase fat stores.. that’s why they used them to feed the starving hoards and fatten livestock before slaughter.
  • Fillers mess with your brain; they have a “feel good” opioid effect, like narcotics; make your addicted, crave and want more.
  • They are used to bulk packaged goods!
  • Fillers may eventually make you very fat and very sick.
  • Also, modern day grains are also a far cry from their origin.  They are now genetically modified and sprayed with poison.

GRAINS are fillers!

Let’s look at what an average person’s meals for one day may contain:

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