Excess Weight, Degrees of Obesity & the Complications.

Everyone reading this will have a close friend or loved one that is struggling with excess weight or obesity.  They may also know many others in their community.

A common attribute in people that are very unhappy in their skin is to hide their anguish.  They pretend that nothing is wrong, or make lightly of it.  When in fact, they may be feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

This lightheartedness has become their coping mechanism.  Their happy go lucky nature may be a front that’s disguising their pain.  They may need help and don’t know where to start or how to ask for it.

In saying this.. there are also many other people who are over weight or even obese; that are very healthy and comfortable in their skin.

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Flu Shot… Why It Pays To Be Informed!

We hear it every year, “get your flu shot” or “don’t forget to get your flu shot”, but does the flu shot actually prevent you from getting the flu?

Research has shown flu shots have minimal, if any, benefits in actually preventing you from catching the flu!

Do I get it…? No!

Would I allow my immediate family members to get it…? No!

I also try to educate close family and friends, I strongly discourage but I don’t push. It is an adult’s choice; and some believe it is the best thing to do to prevent the flu. Continue reading Flu Shot… Why It Pays To Be Informed!

Wheat, Gluten & Gluten Related Disorders EXPLAINED !

Wheat,  Gluten,  Gluten Sensitivity,  Coeliac Disease,  Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity and Gluten Intolerance….  HOW CONFUSING!!   

There are so many terminologies surrounding wheat and gluten today that  I feel the need to clarify them.  They create so much confusion and a majority of the time they being are used incorrectly.

Firstly, what is Gluten?

Gluten is a generic term; it is found in the endosperm (nutritive starchy tissue surrounding the embryo) of all grains (a grain is the seed of a grass).  These proteins can be broken down into smaller proteins called Prolamines and Glutelins. Continue reading Wheat, Gluten & Gluten Related Disorders EXPLAINED !

Why Scales Sabotage Fat Loss… STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF!

The Destructive Morning Ritual of Self Weighers

The daily morning ritual of many is to stand on the bathroom scales. This bad habit of constantly weighing yourself has the power to completely stall and even jeopardise the ability of someone who is trying to lose body fat.

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FRUSTRATED ?? Here are 10-reasons-why-you-cant-lose-weight..

I meet people all the time who are frustrated about not being able to lose weight.  Some find that no matter how hard they try, they simply cannot shed the excess kilos.

Others don’t try at all and just keep putting on more and more weight every year, to the point that they are greatly compromising their health and their quality of life.

There is no time better than NOW to begin your weight loss journey, take back your health and look forward to a long happy life with the best possible QUALITY OF LIFE!

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Sun – Skin Cancer, Sunscreen & Vitamin D Deficiency

Sun, Sunscreen & Children’s Health?

Instead of learning to love and respect the sun; kids today are being taught to cover up and beware “as it is dangerous”.

Its a crying shame that kids are coping the brunt of this exaggerated misconception and as a result fallen victim to the sunscreen deception.

I cringe when I see well-meaning mothers smothering babies and small children with sunscreen.

I greatly urge all mothers to rethink their chemical sunscreen for a more natural product, or at the very least be pro-active and research ingredients and/or opt for a hat and shirt instead of a chemical.

Or, do what every other animal does on the planet when the sun is strong; sit in the shade or under a tree.

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