Excess Weight, Degrees of Obesity & the Complications.

Everyone reading this will have a close friend or loved one that is struggling with excess weight or obesity.  They may also know many others in their community.

A common attribute in people that are very unhappy in their skin is to hide their anguish.  They pretend that nothing is wrong, or make lightly of it.  When in fact, they may be feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

This lightheartedness has become their coping mechanism.  Their happy go lucky nature may be a front that’s disguising their pain.  They may need help and don’t know where to start or how to ask for it.

In saying this.. there are also many other people who are over weight or even obese; that are very healthy and comfortable in their skin.

This post is more about the health risks of carrying the extra weight.

Excess Weight & Obesity

Obesity is one of today’s most blatantly visible; yet most neglected, public health problems.  It’s somehow become so “common” to be extremely overweight that it’s blindly being overlooked and almost considered “normal”.

Well it’s far from “normal” and its alarming.

As a society, we all need to stop relying on the advice of the “so called” conventional experts.  It’s their poor advice that has contributed to this global epidemic.

Loved ones and friends of those who are silently suffering need to step forward.  Ask your loved ones if they need help.  As we all know, friends are supposed to look after each other.

Short Term Weight Loss Goals

Most people (men and women) at some stage in their life will come to the conclusion that they may need to lose weight.

For some, their excess weight may just be a few kilos.  They may have short term goal, such as an impending hot date.   Maybe a new relationship or they simply want to look great in their clothes for a special occasion.

Maybe, the dreaded annual summer holiday is coming up.  They know they will be forced to bare all and squeeze themselves into a pair of bathers (in public.. yikes).

Serious Excess Weight Realisation

For others the weight gain may be far more extreme and their reason to lose it far more serious. The scales may have crept up slowly.  Possibly over a period of years.  The excess weight may be quite considerable; maybe 10, 20, 40 or more kilos.

Eventually the realisation of the excessive weight gain and the associated health problems start to become real, it all starts to hit home in a very bad way.

Physiological & Psychological Signs & Symptoms of Gaining Weight

10 Less Major Signs & Symptoms (the body’s cry for help)

  1. Muscle / Joint pain
  2. Cognitive decline e.g. mild stress & anxiety
  3. Lethargy or fatigue
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Inability to play with the kids as you like to
  6. Inability to exercise as you would like to
  7. Bloated appearance
  8. Increase body odour
  9. Bad breath
  10. Snoring

Left unaddressed; over time these somewhat minor physical signs and symptoms may manifest into major complications.

10 Major Complications & Life Threatening Manifestations

  1. Obesity
  2. Autoimmune Conditions e.g. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  3. Estrogen Dominance
  4. Sleep apnoea
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Type 2 Diabetes
  7. Heart disease
  8. Stroke
  9. Cancer
  10. Metabolic Syndrome

Further to the physical manifestations; people may also begin struggling emotionally / psychologically as well.

10 Hidden Psychological Consequences

  1. Embarrassed with Partner
  2. Relationship issues
  3. Subconsciousness out in public
  4. Loss of self confidence
  5. Frustration with clothes
  6. Anxiety about events
  7. Excuses to not go out
  8. Social isolation
  9. Loneliness
  10. Self-hatred or despair

Left unaddressed; overtime these mental and emotional symptoms may further manifest into major Issues.

5 Major Psychological Issues

  1. Extreme depression
  2. Panic attacks
  3. Severe anxiety
  4. Severe stress
  5. Extreme fluctuation in mood (bipolar)

Spectrum – Degrees of Obesity

Wherever someone sits in the obesity spectrum; it’s never too late to change their life for the better. Some people may need to take small achievable steps.

Every step, however small, in the right direction, places them on the correct path toward achieving their weight loss goals.

Others may be more determined and ready do what is required.  With the correct mindset, shedding excess weight and reversing obesity is very achievable. All within realistic timeframes for the individual.

I am available to assist people with their weight loss journey and  help place them on the path back to good health.


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