Flu Shot… Why It Pays To Be Informed!

We hear it every year, “get your flu shot” or “don’t forget to get your flu shot”, but does the flu shot actually prevent you from getting the flu?

Research has shown flu shots have minimal, if any, benefits in actually preventing you from catching the flu!

Do I get it…? No!

Would I allow my immediate family members to get it…? No!

I also try to educate close family and friends, I strongly discourage but I don’t push. It is an adult’s choice; and some believe it is the best thing to do to prevent the flu.

Do Benefits Outweigh Risk?

In my personal opinion… No, not even close. In saying this, there may be the rare occasion where the benefit may be real.

Example, it may be necessary for someone with a severely compromised immune system.

Individual assessment for high risk individuals should be done.  Those with existing medical conditions fall into this group.

I’m not going to tell anyone to not get it, but I am going to highly encourage you to become informed.  Everyone owes it to themselves be educated about the flu shot (and any drug that you put in your body for that matter).  Along with its’ ingredients, its’ effects (good and bad) and its’ effectiveness.

Flu Shot Due Diligence

So before you get pressured by your doctor or the media into taking the flu shot, take time to educate yourself. That way you can make an informative decision based on your needs and beliefs.

Don’t obtain all your education from government sites as you will only learn what they want you to know… and we all know who’s in bed with who!

You need to look elsewhere and do some independent research

Vaccine Information Sheet

Also ask your doctors for the flu vaccine comprehensive information sheet with the ingredients.  It’s your right to be given one and they should be supplied with every shot.

Before you take the jab, research its ingredients.

Like I have said many times before… I am not anti-vaccine, I am pro-human.  I am anti, unnecessary, mass poisoning for monetary gain at the expense of human health.

Are flu shots the greatest medical fraud in the world…? In my personal opinion and that of many others… Yes!

Here is a good place to find out why… lots of research here and referenced links at the bottom of the articles.

PROOF: Flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world

Flu vaccine BOMBSHELL

2018 Flu Vaccine Update

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