Fluoride & Chlorine are Dangerous to Health.. FULL STOP!

There are supposedly “SAFE” levels of Fluoride & Chlorine in our water… I strongly disagree….

There is No Room in Good Health for Fluoride & Chlorine (Halides)

The WA Dept. of Health states “the optimum fluoride level in public drinking water supplies is 1 milligram per litre.   They say, this is a safe and effective way of helping to protect teeth against dental decay.  And, that it is not necessary or desirable to remove the fluoride from the water.

Further to the above statement though, I believe the Australian health authorities are now reviewing this statement.  Scientific evidence is suggesting risk versus benefit to people’s health may have shifted.

Damaging Effects of Fluoride

Most Australians have been consuming low amounts of fluoride since the 1960s.  It was added to the water and our toothpaste to prevent tooth decay.  Although; research in recent years suggests it may actually be damaging teeth.

Fluoride is also linked to lower intelligence and thyroid problems that can cause weight gain, fatigue and depression.

Fluoride is a well-known neurotoxin.  In 2014, it was added to the list of developmental neurotoxins.  Evidence suggested a link between ingested fluoride and the development of chronic disease.

The medical establishments work hard to hide the dangers of fluoride.  Although; science is beginning to sound a huge alarm.

Thyroid Damage

Fluoride is also “an endocrine disruptor”; meaning it can alter normal hormonal function”.

For example; it can mess with your thyroid hormones.  These, amongst other things are responsible for regulating metabolism; which influences normal growth and development.

All active cells require thyroid hormones and any disruption of this system can have a snow ball effect on virtually every other body system.

Thyroid dysfunction is among the most prevalent of all hormonal disorders.

There are many factors & pathways involved that lead to a compromised thyroid gland.  The ingestion of fluoride and other halides is just one area of concern.

Damaging Effects of Chlorine

Another thing I want to mention is Chlorine.  The Australian Guidelines requires that the level of chlorine in drinking water should not exceed 5 milligrams per litre.   Its added to protect drinking water supplies from contamination against harmful microorganisms.

Chlorine, also absorbs through the skin & when its heated in your shower, vaporises, you are then trapped in your cubicle inhaling the toxic fumes.

Are Swimming Pools Dangerous to Health?

Chlorine in swimming pools is linked to disease, infections and cancer

Facts about Chlorine

Chlorine vapours (that chlorine smell from boiled water or pool water) can irritate & damage the upper and lower respiratory tract:

  • Short term exposure may result in a burning sensation in the throat, eye irritation, irritated skin & shortness of breath.
  • Long term exposure to chlorine may result in severe lung problems, tooth corrosion and increased risk of serious disease.

Fact!! Chlorine gas was used as a chemical weapon in World War 1

Water Filters … A Must!

I highly encourage those with concern to seek out a suitable water filter system that removes these dangerous halides from their homes personal water supply.  You can get full house systems or individual filters for the taps, shower and bath.

You have to remember that fluoride and chlorine are absorbed through your skin & straight into your bloodstream.

Most of the cheaper filters that you buy from some hardware suppliers just don’t cut it.

Water fluoridation found to increase hypothyroidism risk by 30%


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