The Snow Ball Effect

Going to the Doctor? Whats Your Expectation.. A SCRIPT?

Feeling Unwell ? Here’s Something to Ponder

OK.. So someone is feeling unwell… your first thought “I must go to the doctor” Off  you go without second thought.  You arrive and tell the doctor your woes.

He or she doesn’t really listen or have any real solutions.  There is a very good chance though, for your troubles you will be provided with a script.

You will then go directly to the chemist and cash your script.   You are somewhat happy now because you have a solution… a pill (to masks your symptom/s) and you begin to feel better.

Mission accomplished… Right?

No Script! What Then?

What if the doctor didn’t give you a script, what would he/she do for you then?

What was your expectation in going to the doctor in the first place?

Subconsciously or perhaps even consciously we all know that the prescription or a referral to another “body part specialist” is the pretty much the only outcome.

The “Snow Ball” Effect of Medications

By repeatedly going this course, you should prepare yourself for the “snow ball” effects of medications. Once someone’s on, ongoing prescription drugs;  generally, over time their health deteriorates.

All the while, they are accumulating further medications as new symptoms arise.  Ironically these new symptoms are generally caused by their current medications…. and so the “snow ball” rolls on.

You will then find yourself on the “sick care” merry go round and you may begin to greatly lose your quality of life.

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