Hashimoto’s. A Silent Epidemic affecting Adults & Children

A Personal Account !

I know the depth of this disease and firsthand how it affects someone’s quality of life.  After a very long battle my daughter overcome Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (Autoimmune Thyroid Disease) and is now in full remission.  She was 23 when diagnosed.

From early childhood and into her early teens she struggled with weight issues. Not that she was ever large, she was just a little overweight & as a young girl this directly affected her mental state.

I was not aware of the extent of her self-consciousness about her weight until she was in her mid-teens as she hid a lot of this from me.

“Bad Digestion is the root of all evil”… Hippocrates

Her diet from my side was pretty good (so I thought), although due to family dynamics, I didn’t have control of what she ate all the time.

She always played heaps of sport and was very active but still the weight would not budge. As she got into mid to late teens the digestive issues started… IBS, constipation and everything else that goes with it.

Then the fatigue, hair loss, cold intolerance etc.  I remember back to when she was in her early teens and even as a child that she was always complaining of being cold.  Even in the summer months she would have a jumper on; she was so young, I didn’t put 2 & 2 together.

How could my child possibly have a thyroid disease; or any child for that matter!

Diet was a Direct Link

As it turned out  my daughters diet was not as good as I thought is was, and was a direct link to her developing this disease.  Back then I believed that certain foods were good for us, such as “healthy” breakfast cereals and low fat dairy; when actually they were the opposite…  inflammatory and toxic.

I was brainwashed by media advertising, deceptive packaging, inflammatory food pyramids and made up food groups.   I was educated by outright lies that are fed to society about our everyday common food products.

Conventional nutrition advice was, and still is an extremely, health damaging source of nutritional information.

Children with Hashimoto’s

The diagnosis was just a confirmation of something that had been lurking for probably 10-15 years.

For someone so young to have Hashimoto’s in full swing was for me as a mother, (and a very health oriented mother at that) a big slap in the face.  For my daughter is was more of a relief, that all her suffering now had a name.

Power of the Mind

Turning this around was no easy process and to be successful you need the full support of those close to you. You also need to be committed to the journey & the have the will to get better; which she did.

Justification & Compliance is absolutely necessary.

She was committed to the protocol that she had to follow.  I was very impressed with how much she wanted it.  She adopted an extremely healthy diet, stayed optimistic and made great life choices.

There were many up’s & downs in her health journey, that at times tested her, but she pushed through.

I am in no doubt whatsoever, that the power of the mind can either assist to heal you; or assist to destroy you.

What you focus on is generally what manifest most.

Educating Yourself about Hashimoto’s is Paramount

I think the most important thing is self education.  Once you have Hashimoto’s, you will always have it and need to know how to manage it going forward in life.

If you don’t understand the when, why & how of Hashimoto’s or any autoimmune disease for that matter; then what hope do you have of reversing the metabolic damage.  More importantly, is learning how to put this autoimmune disease into remission and keeping it there.

In Hashimoto’s, as with all autoimmune disease, the problem begins with the digestive and immune systems and not with the thyroid itself.

The thyroid will function accordingly, to adjust to the not so ideal situation.  Trying hard to balance hormone production despite being attacked by the immune system.

Hashimoto’s… A Silent Epidemic!

I believe that Hashi’s is a silent epidemic.  There are a lot of men, women & children out there walking around with this autoimmune attack going on.  They just don’t know it yet. (it got past my radar).

Thyroid Assessment

It’s vital to determine the status of your thyroid condition before it evolves into an autoimmune disease that you will then have forever.

If you have a diagnosed thyroid condition or suspect you may, or that a loved one may be at risk don’t leave it unaddressed.

Diagnosing a Thyroid Condition

The blood test your doctor will do to detect an issue is called THS (thyroid stimulating hormone), this is covered by Medicare.  If you fall within the “conventional” range you will be told that your thyroid is ok.

Although, I believe this range is far too extensive and you need a more accurate assessment to either confirm or rule it out. Also, there are other tests that must be done in conjunction.

I know of plenty of people who have been told their thyroid is ok… and when I retest accurately discovered that they actually are not.

Don’t wait.. if you suspect an issue.. get tested early.


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