HIGH & Low BLOOD PRESSURE.. my Thoughts!

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure results from an increased force of blood moving through your arteries from your heart.  This pressure, over time compromises the integrity of the artery walls.

Prolonged stimulus and accumulated stressors e.g. toxins & excess weight may assist to cause this major imbalance.

The body now needs more blood for a reason!

I appreciate that some people may need to quickly, chemically lower their blood pressure as it has placed them in a life threatening state… this may alleviate short term risk of serious malfunction, although, this has cured nothing!

Those on drugs to lower their blood pressure need to realise that altering this natural response with a dangerous drug DOES NOT treat the cause of the high blood pressure.

This may now place the body under further stress and disease risk as as the stressor or reason for the high blood pressure is still occurring.

The body still needs all that blood it needed before taking the drugs to lower the blood pressure.  Although, now the body is forced to go through life with less circulating oxygen & nutrients than it actually needs.

This may increase metabolic damage; organs may start to wear out; aging you prematurely.

Contrary to what we have been lead to believe; high blood pressure is a dysfunction that may be reversed.

Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

Hypotension may not be a cause for concern in many people.  In others though it may indicate nutritional & mineral deficiencies.

Other Risk Factor Include:

  • Stress – (physical, chemical, emotional)
  • Stimulants – alcohol, smoking, drugs
  • Adrenal fatigue / exhaustion
  • Poor diet – high glycemic foods

Bad Habits Generally Run in Families

When it comes to having high or low blood pressure, yes… there may be some genetic factors; although having blood pressure imbalance is generally “earned”.

Existing conditions, medications, along with poor diet and lifestyle choices are primary risk factors… especially having prolonged stressors in your life.

I believe that stress, in all its forms (physical, environmental, emotional & chemical) are at the core of every disease and illness on the planet.

Applying the necessary diet and lifestyles measures may significantly reduce your need for medications and possibly allow you to come off them completely.

A Natural Health Practitioner will be able to guide you.

To be safe, reducing medications must be conducted under the complete direction of your general practitioner.


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