How Blood Pressure Testing is Flawed & Hypertension Overdiagnosed!

Blood Pressure is Self-Regulating

I strongly believe mainstream blood pressure testing may be inaccurate and flawed because of slack practices.

Depending on the activity at hand, blood pressure is supposed to go up and down. Fluctuations are routinely made in order to direct appropriate amounts of oxygen and nutrients to specific parts of the body. 

When the doctor takes your blood pressure it is a snapshot of what your body is doing to self-regulate at that particular time.    

Blood pressure is self-regulating and the body’s natural response to a stimulus.

Blood Functions

Fluctuations are routinely made in order to transport appropriate amounts of blood to specific parts of the body.

  • Supplies oxygen
  • Nutrients – glucose, amino & fatty acids
  • Waste removal – carbon dioxide, urea & lactic acid
  • Immune function – WBC and antibodies to fight infection
  • Transports hormones – repair & messenger functions
  • PH regulation
  • Temperature

12 Factors for Blood Pressure Consideration

  1. Diet – healthy Vs unhealthy
  2. Water intake – well hydrated Vs dehydrated.. full bladder Vs empty bladder
  3. Age – Do you think that a 85 yr. old, 45 kg woman, should have the same blood pressure as a 25 yr. old 100 kg male bodybuilder?  possibly not! 
  4. Activity level – sedentary Vs athlete…  and everyone in between
  5. Body composition – lean Vs morbidly obese… and everyone in between
  6. Existing illness
  7. Drugs – prescribed or other. 
  8. Stimulants – Coffee, smoking, alcohol etc.
  9. Environment – living conditions, temperature, climate, pollution, location (does someone live in the country or the city)  
  10. Emotional state
  11. White coat hypertension 
  12. All others stressors 

 The list of examples that may need consideration just goes on and on…

The Overall Picture

Everyone’s overall picture as to why their blood pressure is high (or low) will be entirely different; with each reading also different.

Each individual must be respected and assessed accordingly.  Then, if required, managed back to good health… preferably with a little guidance and without chemical intervention.

Chemically controlling Blood pressure  to be at a “predetermined” level is curing absolutely nothing! 

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Inaccurate Blood Pressure Testing May be “Commonplace” 

Doctors visit example: 

I have made it extreme, as any one of these these things can happen.  Someone else’s visit will have entirely different circumstances… but believe me they WILL HAVE circumstances.   I just want to make that point known!

  • You have a doctor’s appointment and you running late cause you slept in.
  • Feeling super tired because you had a crappy sleep, you quickly drink down 2 strong coffees to pick you up.
  • You have just had a fight with your spouse.
  • The traffic is heavier than you anticipated; you then can’t find a parking spot close by.
  • You have to climb a steep set of stairs to the doctor’s office.
  • You’re feeling stressed and anxious about the appointment as you need to discuss a serious health concern.
  • In the rush, you forgot your water bottle and now you’re a little thirsty. 
  • I’ll wait till I get home to get a drink as I am already busting to go to the toilet.
  • You’re lucky; you got there just in time and get to go straight in.

So… you feel a little tired, a bit hot and bothered, stressed and are dehydrated!

The doctor then asks you to roll up your tight sleeve and takes you blood pressure..  it’s very high!  So it should be!

This is normal…

There is always something that will make it fluctuate.

Negligence – Flawed Testing 

Is Blood Pressure Over Diagnosed?

Taking blood pressure is routine; lazy practices and procedures are unfortunately commonplace and do happen.  

This negligence may cause many people to be incorrectly diagnosed with hypertension and in turn, be placed on dangerous, unnecessary drugs.

Testing for Better Accuracy

Placing someone on a drug to chemically alter their blood pressure is a BIG DEAL and should not be taken lightly!
  • Mid-morning (BP is naturally higher in the afternoon)
  • Correct size cuff
  • Loose clothing
  • No rolling or pushing sleeves up
  • Before food
  • Empty bladder
  • No exercise 2 hours prior
  • No coffee or stimulants prior
  • Complete relaxation in the 5 minutes prior
  • Take 2 readings a couple of minutes apart
  • Sitting is best (BP changes with position)
  • Elbow right angle to heart ( can be 10% higher when not)

For Further Accuracy

To make things a little more accurate take you BP (as above); but incorporate this 3 times per day (morning, midday and evening) at the same time (before meals) for a week and then take the average.

Even if blood pressure is taken this way it still won’t be an accurate measurement of blood pressure because so many factors are involved in regulation.

So high or low blood pressure readings are not really important when taken in context.

Blood Pressure and Pulse Pressure

Pulse pressure should be tested in conjunction with blood pressure.  This measures the difference between the systolic (top Number) and diastolic, the (bottom number).

Blood pressure will go up and down constantly throughout the day, but the pulse rate should remain the same.

A pulse pressure of 40 is considered optimal; with a range of 30 -50 considered as a healthy range.  Anything over or under this should be looked into as this is a sign that that something may not be right.  In saying this; pulse pressure generally increases after the age of 50.

The Solution to Better Blood & Pulse Pressure

What you eat & drink (or don’t eat & drink) will dramatically affect blood pressure readings.

Chronic HBP is the body adapting to compounding stress or multiple stressors

  • Preventable
  • Reversible
  • Treated naturally

The body is highly intelligent … it will heal you!  You should be managed back to good health with support and guidance and unless absolutely necessary… without chemicals!!

Why aren’t healthier options provided?

Dietary & lifestyle changes combined with good sleep every night and regular exercise will greatly improve the quality of your blood as well as pulse pressure.

Natural blood pressure fluctuations are all regulated by the nervous system which is why it’s so important to stimulate proper function of the nervous system.  It may be helpful to get good Chiropractic care.

Choose natural over chemical and you can’t go wrong!


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