How Medical Misdiagnosis Easily Happens

A Personal Account of Client Misdiagnosis


After surgery your cholesterol soars.  It also increases when you battle infections, are under a lot of stress and so on!

Your blood pressure is literally a yoyo.. up and down depending on the activity at hand.


Sudden Rise In mY CLIENT’S Blood Pressure

Example – I tested my clients blood pressure the other day (twice in 1 hour) and it was very high 157 / 97 and similar the second time.  She was shocked and said, that can’t be right, its normally on the low side.

I asked her what she had eaten and when.  Prior to coming in she had eaten a big breakfast and had a couple of strong coffees…I told her that would probably explain it.. so don’t worry!

We tested it again the next morning before breakfast and coffee and it was 118 / 72.

When we eat, our bodies need to break down the food. For this to happen, we require oxygen to help release digestive acids and enzymes. This means that oxygenated blood must flow to the blood vessels in the stomach and intestinal tract.

Your body tells your heart more blood is needed, so naturally there is going to be an increase in cardiac output.

This may account for a high blood pressure after eating. .. it really is that basic.

Put simply(for whatever reason) ... High Blood Pressure is an Oxygen & Nutrient Requirement in the Body 

Find out more, click the below link..

How Blood Pressure Testing  is Flawed & Hypertension Over diagnosed

High Cholesterol is an Inflammation Marker

Sudden Rise In My CLients Cholesterol

I see clients all the time who’s cholesterol suddenly goes up, when it’s previously been fine.  The explanation is usually quite easy for me to find out.

Example 1 – My client came in on crutches the other day and told me that she had damaged the tendons in her leg and can’t walk very well.  She also informed me that her doctor had placed her on a statin drug (cholesterol lowering drug) when previously she was ok.

I explained that a rise in her cholesterol level may be due to her accident and associated stressors.

Cholesterol is a vital life sustaining substance that our body’s make.  One of cholesterol’s many role in the body is to make hormones.  The one’s in question here are stress hormones, in particular cortisol (a powerful anti inflammatory & steroid hormone).

To help my clients to understand cortisol;  I talk about the man-made version first.  Most people know about, or have heard of cortisone injections, these are what doctors jab into inflamed joints, or cortisone creams for inflamed skin etc.”.

Cortisone is the synthetic chemical version of naturally occuring cortisol

Most people have heard of cortisol as also being “The Stress Hormone”.   This is in-fact very true… but.  Stress comes in many forms… Have I mentioned yours?.

In my clients particular case there are many compounding stress factors for consideration:

  • Damaged leg (physical stressor)
  • Pain (emotional stressor)
  • Medical concerns (emotional stressor)
  • Time off work (emotional stressor)
  • Financial expenses (emotional stressor)

Any one of these factors on its own may be enough to raise someone’s cholesterol levels.

I explained to my client.. that the raised cholesterol levels are likely high because her body is helping her to heal from the inflammation. She has damaged her leg and as a result there is a snowball effect of other stressors.

Her body is producing lots of cholesterol to heal her

Cholesterol is made in the liver and the intestines; from there it is transported via the blood to the adrenal glands and utilised to make cortisol… from there the (cholesterol containing) cortisol is sent to the site of the inflammation (her leg, brain etc..).. so therefore your blood cholesterol will be high…

The dangers here are that now her LDL cholesterol is being chemically altered; the body can longer heal itself to the best of its ability.  The whole natural healing process is severely compromised.

Example 2 – A close family member recently had an operation.  Before the op cholesterol was fine.. Although they left hospital on a statin drug… same reasons as above…  After any surgery, your cholesterol soars.

Read about my thoughts on Cholesterol HERE

Drugging the symptom, without critically thinking the cause is ludicrous

The above examples are not to be confused with  “Chronic High Blood Pressure & Chronic High cholesterol”.  Although these are still both Symptoms of Compounding Stressors.  The difference is that the stress response is not returning back to normal as the stress/ors are not being dealt with.

I have seen the pattern over and over; once someone starts taking blood pressure drugs without addressing the cause; it’s only a matter of time before they may see themselves taking cholesterol lowering drugs (statin drugs) as well (or visa versa).

These 2 symptoms; if left to their own devices may place you well and truly on the “Sick Care” merry go round of compounding poor health.  You will most likely never be a healthier version of yourself ever again…

Respect that the Human Body is Extremely Intelligent.. it’s a Great Design.

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure fluctuations are completely normal.  Unless absolutely necessary.. trying to play god by interfering with the body’s natural healing process is stupidity…

Diet & lifestyle factors are key; along with supporting the immune system in every way possible.  We need to work with mother nature and assist the healing process…not destroy it.

You need to ascertain the cause/s and resolve them.


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