Incentives… Is “Health Care” Deceptive & Misleading?

The Conventional “Health Care” system today is an expensive, deceptive industry.  It should be called the “Sick Care” system, as that is far more accurate description of what is actually provided to the consumer.

We are certainly not provided with many options that actually promote long term optimal health.

Health Care Incentives & Profits are Achieved by Keeping People Sick

Treating community health issues with the vision of making the people healthy is almost never the case…  Society would change dramatically if medical incentives (which are very profitable) were directed toward prevention and treating the cause of disease.

“Health Care” could then legitimately be called “Health Care”

But instead, the direction is that of disease management with chemicals.  Providing invasive, painful interventions, unnecessary procedures and prescription drugs and far too many unnecessary vaccines.

Medical Incentive Programs

We pay for their incentives… Don’t they already get paid enough?

Read for yourself about the incentives our doctors are getting to prescribe drugs.

Practice Incentives Program Feb 2018

The Blue Cross Incentive Schedule Pg 4, 15

Do the Math… WOW!  I should of been a Health Professional.

Oh I am! A Natural Health Practitioner whose direction is toward prevention and addressing the cause.

Healthy is our “Natural State” of Being

Just for a minute, IMAGINE a society where you can walk down the street and everyone is healthy.  Kids are not overweight, middle aged people are aging gracefully and even the elderly are in good health…

How different would life be?

It would be amazing…. Like it once was.

Unfortunately, good health is no longer the natural state of most humans.  I strongly believe these good (natural) times are far behind us.  Change in direction for the current medical model; will more than likely never happen… Not in my lifetime anyway.

Take Control of Your Own Health Care

Therefore we must take our health into our own hands.  This is the only way you will overcome disease and illness with “long term health” as the prognosis.

You will not achieve “long term health” without having to incorporate “Diet & Lifestyle” changes (no pill will give you this).

Thousands of people are stuck in this “sick care” system.  Confused about your health and don’t quite know how to go about achieving a better quality of life?

I am available to guide you in the right direction, with the right advice to suit your particular situation.

Below are a couple of very Interesting Incentive Programs that just blow my mind.

As I always say “I am not anti-vaccine”.  But I am anti-mass poisoning for monetary profit…

GPs offered $26m ‘no jab, no pay’ bonus to keep kids’ vaccinations up to date

 Catch-up Incentives for Vaccine Providers


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