Medication Collateral Damage… Why aren’t Healthier Options Provided?

All Good Intentions

My intention comes from a great place.  All I want to do is help people to get better and feel better long term, if possible without medication.

I want to inform and let people know that they have other options.  Possibly far better options!  Healthier options; other to what we are told or have been made to believe.

I must express that I am not anti-medications.  Modern medicine is amazing and lifesaving when used in the right context.

That is not what this post is about…  It’s about unnecessary medication when there are safer options.  And, it’s about becoming aware and informed!

Sadly, it’s also about suppression of information and what we are not being told.

Only Sick People Need Drugs

What happens when a healthy person ingests chemicals, they get sick!  So therefore, sick people need to take chemicals!  So they get healthy…Right?

This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Well, no… not really!

It doesn’t make sense that an already sick person should ingest chemicals when their own body is already failing them.

Wouldn’t you think that this would make them sicker?

The Illusion now Begins!

Pain Medication takes away the pain, making the user feel better.  This indicates the medication has done its job; the symptom of pain has now gone… Hasn’t it? Well yes it has.

So what do pain medications actually do?  Mostly they block a pain receptor site on a cell.  Although, the cause of your pain before you took the pain medication is still there; it’s been left completely unaddressed.

Inflammation Suppression

When a joint becomes inflamed; this is the body’s natural way of immobilising the joint so it cannot be used, the body then goes about trying to heal it.  If the inflammation is acute and caused by trauma; you already know the cause.

When the pain and inflammations occurs slowly and becomes worse over time; the exact cause is not really known…  Although, it can be assumed.

Inflammation in your joints can be suppressed by anti-inflammatory drugs; thereby alleviating the pain caused by the inflammation.

Maybe an injection directly into the joint itself might be the treatment “solution”, thereby alleviating your pain.

This is fantastic!  Mission accomplished…

False Sense of Security

So now you are pain free and able to move and use this joint; may-be nearly as you could before.  Although this false sense of security will more than likely come back to haunt you.

Are you told this injection is just temporary and the joint is still unstable?  Are you told this is not treating the cause of the inflammation?

What caused the pain and inflammation in the first place has not been addressed and is still manifesting.  Soon though, the drug’s effects will wear off; it may be a few months for steroid injections.

The pain and damage when the chemical wears off, may be far worse than before.  You may now require a stronger drug and possibly more medical intervention.

All the while, you are pain free and oblivious to the fact you may be making your joint worse.  If no lifestyle interventions are put in place; further metabolic, collateral damage may also be manifesting elsewhere in your body.

Although if the person in question was made aware that this may be the case.  They could take precautions and make the necessary changes to bring about self-healing.

By addressing the cause; when the drug eventually wears off they may be well on the way healing the damage and alleviating the joint pain and inflammation naturally.

If you are going to put chemicals into your body, you need to know about collateral damage!

Gut Collateral Damage

The gut for example; nearly always suffers from chemical and medication collateral damage.

It may start out as a little heartburn or acid reflux or some other digestive or elimination issue.  This may lead to intestinal damage, inflammation or leaky gut and from there progress to a plethora of other problems.

When the gut is compromised like this; there is greater risk of developing food intolerances and autoimmune condition such as rheumatoid arthritishashimoto’s , or ceoliac disease.

Gut Disorders often have many common origins…

Skin disorders are often also a result of gut collateral damage.  Estimates of just skin disorders alone are upward of 3000.  They have a name for every single one and a medication to match it; that’s a lot of medication just there!

Deceptive Media Tactics

Think of the ads on TV for depression medications “a beautiful person running through a field of flowers”.  They used to have depression and anxiety, but now they feel so good on their new medication.

Most are not told or made aware that the side effects of antidepressant medication can be extremely dangerous.

The medications may initially be very necessary to keep people safe from harm and harming others.  Although, the cause must be addressed at the same time to enable a healthy recovery.

Ultimately, the medical goal should be to wean people off the drugs as soon as they are able with education and lifestyle changes… unfortunately this is rarely the case.

Disgraceful, Medical Mistreatment of the Vulnerable

I had a client go to the doctor because she was a little depressed and felt she needed help and some urgent direction.  She was having a personal, mental crisis and not coping with life at this moment in time.

In less than 10 minutes she left with a script for antidepressants.

This was a very young woman with small children.  There was very little discussion as to why she was feeling the way she was.

Her Cause…

I discovered the cause of her mild depression with just a few questions; which ended up being very fixable without drugs.

She was sleep deprived as her baby was teething and not sleeping at night. She was also premenstrual and it was the 1st anniversary of the passing of a loved one…  Really!

Compounded stressors are the cause of all illness, you just have to work out what they are!

Your Body…  Your Rights!

It’s your body and you have the right to know what you are being told to put in it may have detrimental side effects.

Ask, Is this Medication Really Necessary? Are there Healthier Options?

I cannot advise you enough to take time to ask questions and demand answers.  Don’t allow your questions to be disregarded.  Read-up on the possible side effects, interactions and contraindications of mixing common medications and supplements.

Inform yourself of the pros and cons, the safer limits / dosage and time frames in which you should take them.

The risks are somewhat played down; you may be told the benefit of the medication outweighs the risk… and this makes it justifiable.

Getting Healthy Takes Commitment!

Many people don’t want to commit to changing a lifetime of bad habits; sadly, it’s far too hard to be healthy.  They simply can’t find the justification and commitment required to achieve long term success.

A quick fix is what most want and a pill is much easier than restructuring your life. Understandably so!!!  Who wants to do that?

Although, if it’s not done now, circumstances may force it down the track.

Personal Energy is Projected into the wrong Places

Well-meaning people with hearts of gold are walking, cycling and running for all sorts of cures.  Volunteers dedicate their personal time and money into events to raise as much money as they can for the cure of all sorts of diseases.

This is only padding pockets to enable the creation of more and more drugs.  Along with more and more syndromes and disorders to treat.

Imagine… if this same energy was put into prevention and / or intervention of these illnesses and diseases “Running for the cause” instead of “Running for the cure”….

Education should be the focus; not treating a disease with chemicals. Especially, when chemicals are probably the cause of the disease in the first place…. crazy!

What if… people were educated about nutrition, shown direction, provided with clean food and water solutions and lifestyle changes.

The world would be a much healthier place…and the drug companies would go broke…

Trying to cure nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload & metabolic imbalances with a chemical is nothing but insane.

We are organic beings and need to be treated as such.

But there’s no money in healthy people.


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