83 Year Old GrandFathers Osteoarthritis Gone in 4 Months…Using Food as Medicine

I’m a Natural Health Practitioner and this is my Dad.

Dad has lived with me for many years; during this time I have had to just sit and listen to dad complain about is aches and pains as he was not prepared or ready to listen to me, let alone take the steps required to heal himself.

When I say not prepared.. its was probably more due to the fact; he simply didn’t know there were other options.

He would say “this pain is normal for someone my age”.  “How could diet possibly be the cause… impossible he would say!”

Being old and a little stubborn it did take some initial doing to convince him that his diet (and lifestyle factors) was causing his pain and years of grief.

He grew up with the “the doctor knows best” mentality.  So he listened to the doctors every word.. and only got worse and worse..

I think it was out of desperation that he finally said to me…

“OK Naomi, so what is it that you think I should do?”

So finally I had his attention and we made a few changes, then a few more.  After a few weeks he was noticing a big difference and that was all the evidence he needed..

At long last he was on board and proactively helping himself.

Michael or Mick as he likes to be called has astounded me with how quick he healed.

And just for the record..At 83 he takes NO prescription drugs at all.

Posted by Real Food Fix on Wednesday, September 26, 2018