My Obligation Is To My Client! I Am Working For Them!

People come to see me for many different reasons; but mostly because of a chronic health crisis. Part of this crisis usually involves this new client asking for help in coming down or off of their current prescription medications.

Frustratingly… Sometimes this requires that I must involve my clients GP.

Most clients find their health status has not improved as they were lead to believe it would by being on the drugs.

Yes, their blood pressure or their blood cholesterol may have been chemically lowered (with the cause not even a discussion), but overall their health status has further deteriorated.

Essentially my new client wants me to assist them to undo what their current medical protocol has done to them.

This request alone prompts me to involve the clients GP (I am required to do this by law & out of obligation to my client).  I will then send an email or provide the client a letter to their doctor explaining the client’s request.

Ideally I would like to be able to interact with doctors in a professional, mature way (with all ego put aside) to get both our jobs done and provide a positive result for the client.

As I need to know my clients health status I will most likely request some blood tests in that correspondence.  I can independently send a client for whatever tests I require (at a cost).

Although, the doctor can provide the same pathology slip to them (with no out of pocket expensive to the client); this is why I do it this way….It’s in the best interest for the client.

BUT! …I am starting to get resistance from doctors (not all, but it’s occurring).

I have now had a few clients come back to me saying their doctor refuses to work with a Naturopath (Aren’t they working for the Client?).  They also refuse to write the pathology for the client’s bloods (even though it’s no skin off their nose and they still get paid for the appointment).

Some clients have also given me feedback as to what their doctor has said about Naturopaths. Things like “no, Naturopath can tell me what to do”, “why are you wasting your time as they don’t know what they are talking about”, “she can’t help you”, “they have no training” & “you are wasting your time & money” …

In my book this is Slander and it is illegal. And, it is most definitely not working in the best interest of the client.  I’m also pretty positive that none of these nay-sayers have even met me.

This “bad mouthing” gets me a little frustrated and justification is awkward for me!  But in this case I do feel the need to justify myself, my qualifications and my work ethic.

I live in a very small town and have received negative feedback via some of my clients.  Not about me directly, but about what has been said to them about seeing me or Naturopaths in general.

This may directly influence, and through conversations had, sway other people’s opinions of coming to a see a Natural Health Practitioner.

So… Just for the record

I am highly qualified, I studied full time for 3 years (Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine & Western Herbal Medicine) putting in 50 or more hours a week.

  • I completed intensive studies on Anatomy (the branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans).
  • Physiology (how a living organism or bodily part functions).
  • Pathophysiology (the physiological processes associated with disease or injury).
  • Functional Nutrition (which is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body).

Which also incorporated many independent studies and nearly 500 actual clinic hours.  I studied and researched the same field for 5 years prior to undertaking and completing my 3 Advanced Diploma.

Today, I am still a researcher and I never really stop studying, it’s what I do for work and (sadly) it’s what I do for enjoyment… I know I’m just weird.

HOW I WORK … My approach!

When I am assessing the health status of a new client and for me to get the bigger picture; in order to identify causes I need to know someone’s story.  I have a specialised approach that provides me with insight into their personal health history.

This process allows me to identify areas of concern; that may come from physical, environmental and chemical stressors.

I can be very tenacious and like to be very thorough.

I don’t just treat symptoms like the current medical model. In saying that, I will provide symptomatic relief for a client whilst assessing, then addressing the cause.

Although, I need people to understand that the metabolic damage that has been done, cannot be undone by one visit. There is no magic pill; recovery and reversing illness takes time; maybe just a few weeks, or it may be a few months.

Sometimes chronic disease may need a couple of years to reverse back to a stage of good health for the individual.

For success (for both myself and my client) determination is needed.  I require commitment and compliance from my client.  A lot of information is collated and considerable time and effort spent researching the best treatment protocol for that person, there is not a “one size fits all” approach.

I am speaking purely about myself here as I cannot speak for others in my field; all Naturopaths operate differently.

Depending on the depth of someone’s disease or illness.  I may require other adjunct diagnostics and pathologies to be performed.  This enables me to build a personalised protocol for that particular client; this may include:


I will do this at no extra cost. This reveals someone’s constitutional susceptibilities along with current health issues. Its am amazing adjunct tool for me…it reveals such as, the status of someone’s digestive system, toxicities and deficiencies.


I will complete the test for you and you post it off. It is an accurate toxicology screening that helps provides a picture of body chemistry, including:
– Heavy Metal Toxicity
– Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances
– Metabolic Rate (fast or slow)
– Adrenal Fatigue
– Thyroid Function
– Nervous System Imbalances
– Protein Synthesis
– Inflammation
– Energy Levels
– Mental Health Issues
– Liver & Kidney Stress
– Carbohydrate Tolerance & Blood Sugar Imbalances like Diabetes and Insulin resistance


– Gastrointestinal Tract Tests
– Hormonal profiles
– Metabolic profiles
– Nutritional Profiles
– Food Sensitivity Profiles
– Environmental Toxins

I’m about fixing people and educating them enough to stay fixed; thereby giving them control over their own health.

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