NAOMI’S WEEKLY RANT…out on a limb !! here’s how I see it… 🗣🗣

Those who know me, know that I don’t like to beat around the bush and that I like to call a spade a spade.

There is very rarely a grey area and I must admit and acknowledge that the way I speak may offend some, and has…But believe me that is not my intention.

I have recently turned 50 and thankfully learnt a little tact. Probably not as much as I should have but enough to deliver a topic with some discretion; I hope anyway.

My passion from my soul is helping others to understand how they got where they are. The health crisis that we all find ourselves in and lead them the other direction; into health.

Believe me when I say the powers that be do not have our best interests at heart.

We are brainwashed by untruths for monetary gain

We are metabolically drowning in a slurry of toxic food products also for monetary gain.  Our conventional medical system is overloaded with sick people that are not getting well.

They are just given another drug to mask whatever symptom they have this week.

It’s a system gone mad

How I got here… From my early teens to early -thirties I must have gone to the doctor 100 times for a multitude of ailments, aches and pains, rashes, digestive issues, syndromes… you name it I had it.

I got many diagnosis over this time, all of which I now know were just titles for something that they had no answer for. Prescriptions for this and that.

One confirmed diagnosis I did get was Osteoarthritis of my left hip. I had it for many years, it got so bad I couldn’t even walk through the shops without severe pain.

Or, if I was sitting for a period of time I could not get back up in a standing position and when I finally did stand I couldn’t walk.

It was debilitating and painful. I even added hip replacement to my health cover as this was where I was headed.

Not once did my doctors ever ask me about my diet and lifestyle or discuss healthier options to help me heal my body

It all made no sense, my diet was very healthy, I exercised every day, I was a healthy weight.

I was the healthiest, unhealthy person I knew, and not getting better. This was the cruncher, no more… this is not normal.

I was now on a mission and I went searching for my own answers

What I started to uncover blew my mind and still continues to do so. I altered my diet and lifestyle and I healed myself in 3 months.  It was not hard, it was just about becoming informed; since then I have not stopped researching and learning and never will.

The lies and deception of what is right and wrong, healthy and unhealthy filters through our media and via other channels and into our homes and minds

You only have to open your eyes just a bit wider and take a look at the state of society in general; it’s a mess out there.

I want to help everyone, tell everyone. But I learnt a long time ago that I can’t help those who aren’t ready to be helped.

We are by nature a reactive society, we always wait for the disaster to occur before putting measures in place to prevent it. E.g. how many people die at an intersection before they put in the roundabout.

How many people know they are unhealthy or know a friend or loved one who is unhealthy, although do nothing about it.  They know, but still it takes that dreaded diagnosis before they begin to make the necessary changes.

It’s not their fault; people only know what they know!!!

A symptom, no matter how small is your body telling you something.  If ignored or masked with pharmaceuticals, this symptom may manifest into something more serious down the track.

Some may feel embarrassment about their situation and don’t like to talk about it.  They may be scared or reluctant to see someone as they know the outcome will be a waste of time or a script.

Others may tell anyone who will listen about all their ailments but still do nothing about it.  This just adds fuel to their fire and not a healthy route to be taking; and to be honest who wants to listen to others complain all the time.

Your body has an amazing innate ability to reverse and heal metabolic damage that may be occurring in you right now

Life’s a long time, you may live to be 100 years old; although, if 30 or 40 years of that is sick and in ill health… can they really say “He/she lived a good long life”

No!! Maybe “he/she lived a miserable long life”.

Get the ball rolling in your mind now.  Listen to what your body is telling you (however small the symptom).

Take that first step towards feeling and looking better. When you are ready I would like to be the one to help you with that first step.

If you are already receiving treatment and it’s not working for you then do something different.

When it comes to health, ignorance is not bliss and when it comes to knowledge; well knowledge is only powerful when it is actioned or taught to others.


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NAOMI’S WEEKLY RANT… Many people in society are just burying their heads in the sand ♂️♀️