Overcoming Poor Health WILL NOT be Achieved Without Getting Over These 2 Hurdles!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired… and simply not getting better / or you are getting worse… PLEASE READ THIS!

Overcoming ill-health simply WILL NOT be achieved if 2 of the biggest hurdles; JUSTIFICATION & COMPLIANCE are not learned and put into practice.

It can be very frustrating for me when I know what my client needs to do, to overcome their health issues.  But! they simply can’t justify the cost of their own health.. Let alone find the willpower to change their bad habits.

I hear excuse after excuse as to why they can’t follow a given protocol.  I have to sit back and watch as their health journey goes down the plughole… before it has even started!

I call it a journey as that’s the best description to describe the ups and downs on the path to “better health”.  As long as they are headed in the right direction, is all that matters.  The period of time it takes to reach “better health” varies.

For some “like myself” the journey never ends.

Even when I strip a protocol back to minimal input over a longer period; some people still will baulk;  because change doesn’t happen quickly enough for them.

They are impatient and expect a quick fix with little change or effort involved.  Falling off the health wagon over and over again for years on end can really take its toll.

I know I can help you… but not if you are unable to help yourself


Most of us have a car (or 2) and a house to live in; we go on annual holidays. Quite often we spend our well earned money on unnecessary things, why? Because we want them!

We spend at a whim without any justification what so ever. This is because of our mindset; it’s instilled in us from childhood by our parents, media and society.

Everyone has their own spending habits with no justification required; e.g. here are a few that may resonate with some.
• $30 on a bottle of wine
• $50 on a carton of beer
• $30 a week on takeaway coffees
• $100 a month on personal care products
• $150 on a restaurant meal, sometimes weekly
• $150 in the hairdresser every 6 weeks
• $200 a week on smokes (if a smoker)
• $5000 on an annual holiday
• Gifts for other people, we do this all the time.
This list could go on and on…


For most these are “normal” excepted spending habits. It’s the unfamiliar or foreign expenditures we find it hard to justify; things that are “out of the norm”; things that are not familiar to us: e.g.
• $10 for a carton of organic eggs (why, when I can get them for $5)
• Other organic food (why? when conventional is cheaper)
• Seeing a Natural Health Practitioner (why, when the doctor is free)
• Natural supplements (why? when drugs are cheap)
• Household water filter (why? when the tap water appears fine)
• Nontoxic household cleaning & personal care products (why would I?)
Once again the list could go on forever…

As a society we need to learn to accept the value of health and start instilling this value to our kids; there is nothing more important. Quality of life is what life is all about…


Regaining good health depends on someone’s capability to adopt a new mindset.  They must learn to be able to justify the cost of a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, natural health therapies and treatment protocols.

Once they have achieved the mindset to justify this; they must then have the willpower and the want.

The very best advice I can provide you is to find this justification so you can get better without guilt and NEVER skimp on health again.  In this toxic world we now live in, you will never purchase anything that is more important.

Remember, that once upon a time there was no such thing as “organic food” it was just called “food”.  Over the last 4 or 5 decades out food has become severely compromised and is laden with toxic substances and chemicals.

Along with the current “sick care system” it is one of the main contributing factor to the chronic health crisis we find ourselves in.

2 – COMPLIANCE… Changing your Expectation!

Compliance with treatment protocols and what is required to achieve your goals is an absolute must.

We have grown up in a society where, when it comes to health we expect quick fixes with very little work put in.  Everyone one wants someone else to do the work for them; society in general has become extremely lazy (physically and in attitude).

Unless someone is prepared to put in the effort, to change their expectation, practice compliance and make the necessary changes to heal themselves then nothing will change.

But believe me, if the effort is made and the belief is there, people’s lives can change dramatically.

How I Achieve Client Success

I help people to understand how they can heal themself; because no one else can do that.  Whether they have a minor condition or something more chronic, makes no difference.

I work on a timeframe of approximately 1 month for every year that it has taken them to get into their state of ill health.

In order to identify timeframes, I need a complete picture. I have a specialised approach that provides me with insight into a client’s personal health history.

This process allows me to identify symptom timelines and areas of concern.

Realistic Timeframes

Most chronic conditions and diseases manifest under the radar for many years;  they are compounding and develop slowly.

For example, say someone is 50 years old and has come to me with an autoimmune condition.  Their symptom timeline may indicate 20 years of related metabolic stressors (be they, chemical, physical and/or emotional).

This indicates to me that approximately 20 months may be a good estimate to get them back into optimal health (for them).

Some may be thinking that this is ridiculous amount of time!! But seriously this is how long it may take.

When I say 20 months to achieve optimal health, I don’t meant 20 months to feel better.   This may be accomplished in as little as a few weeks to a few months.

Body functions may start to normalise and feelings of wellness can happen fast.

Let me be clear, this is a guide; it is not set in cement, some heal extremely quickly while others may take longer.  It’s a very individual approach with many contributing factors that must be considered and addressed.

The “ICEBERG EFFECT”effect of Symptoms

But, be aware of the “ICEBERG” effect (which differs for each individual).  Lets say, your signs and symptoms account for 10% or what is above the ocean’s surface.  And, the other 90% of your metabolic damage and imbalances are below the surface.

Whats under the surface cannot be seen or felt (the rest of the iceberg); but they are all still there.

You must be prepared for it to take time, reversing years of cellular damage takes time… but believe me your body will heal you.

Our natural state of being is optimal health and our body will continually work towards it; we just need to give it the correct fuel and it will do the rest.

The 5 Phases of Compliance Success

In order for me to help people I need to know where they are at in their head. There are 5 phases I look for in people to access their likelihood of compliance and success.


They may complain about their health to others, talk about doing something, they say they want to get better, but at this stage, it’s all talk.
They do not yet have the mindset to make and sustain change.


A bit more serious, it’s on their minds a lot of the time that they must do something soon.   They have tried different things, start walking perhaps, or given up smoking, maybe tried to go dairy or gluten free, but always revert back to their old ways.

They do not yet have the mindset to make and sustain change.


These people have been pushed from pillar to post with no success; possibly on medications for this and that. They may feel frustrated with the conventional system and how it’s failed them.

These people may have many symptoms and feel pretty bad most of the time; they also find their health is only further deteriorating. For most this is a good place to begin their journey with a good possibility of moving toward better health.

These people still need guidance to develop their mindset to make and sustain change.


These people are serious, they are sick of being sick. They have started making positive changes already and can see the big picture. They have a great chance of success.

Their knowledge is growing and their mindset is changing rapidly, they see benefit from compliance and are eager to continue towards their health goals.


These people are strong in mindset; able to justify and are willing to do what is required. These people may reverse disease and illness and substantially improve their quality of life; for the rest of their life.

Ultimately resulting in optimal health (for them), for life.

Does any of the above resonate?

How would it feel to be able to be at No: 4 or 5?

Struggles with Justification & Compliance

Many people mentally struggle or become confused with how to go about adopting change.  I am available to help them grasp different concepts and discuss possibilities, alternatives and achievable outcomes.

With inspiration and knowledge I can provide them hope and the “want” that is required to succeed.

If by reading this, just one person stops to ponder their own personal situation.  Then, makes the necessary changes that are required to live a long, happy, healthy life; they will avoid becoming a disease statistic…and foremost, my mission has been accomplished.

If someone looks toward natural treatments (possibly in despair) as a last ditch effort as they have tried everything else and nothing has worked.   Chances are, this won’t work either.

If they are not ready to consider adopting a new mindset (the contemplation phases) then they need to wait until they are before they take that all important first step that may well change their life forever.

I can help… this is what I love to do!…


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