People Pushed From Pillar To Post & At Their Wits End

Far too often I see people in my clinic who have been pushed from pillar to post in their attempt to get some help with their health issues.  Sometimes this struggle has gone on for decades before I meet them.

The medical system has failed them.  In desperation and in search of answers, I suppose this forces them to then look outside the box.

Much of the advice given to them over the years (if any at all) and treatments they have received to date have been a complete waste of time and money.

The drugs have not worked as they believe they would.  Most have been unnecessary and some are just outright dangerous.  As a result their health has actually deteriorated further.

Patient Scenario

They go to their doctor for help and all too often they leave with a script and/or a referral (to a specialist of the body part or system in question).

This is not help (this is a handball) or what I like to call; the beginning of the “Snowball Effect”. Now they feel helpless and desperate; they just want to get better, feel better and stay better.

Instead of moving towards health; they are put on a “Sick Care” roller coaster.  Sent to one doctor for this and another for that.   Then pushed onto someone else; usually with no positive outcome.

I know how that feels as I spent almost 20 years on that ride; it’s as frustrating as hell.. My Personal Health Struggle

Body Part Specialists

The current view point is that the body is made up of separate components that all operate individually.  As a result of this viewpoint we have a specialist for every body part or System.

Imagine taking your car to a separate mechanical field for every issue… ludicrous!  The mechanic knows that one part relies on another to have optimal function.

Not all these specialists are so rigid.  There most definitely are exemptions.  Although the system doesn’t encourage or pay them to be critical thinkers.

Sadly…  My Personal opinion is that our backward thinking medical system has another agenda $

The Utmost Respect; Where Medicine Shines!

Now let me just say, I have absolute respect and must give credit where credit is due.  When it comes to an emergency, or an accident situation; or major trauma, serious illness and disease.  This is where modern medicine shines.

The current medical model is fantastic at patching people up and keeping people alive.  In fact; my life has been saved by modern medicine a couple of times.  Many friends and family have also been saved.

Being patched up and kept alive is a marvelous thing.  But being kept healthy or actually improving your health is an entirely different matter.

A Dysfunctional Medical System

Every day I just ponder and shake my head at the ridiculousness of the modern system.  I’m gobsmacked how over the last half century or so (the last 2 generations) we have all been deceived and brainwashed by ruthless media campaigns.

Many people have grown up with the harmful food pyramids that were introduced in the 70’s; along with ridiculous dietary guidelines.  This “great advice” has contributed to societies undoing; since then we have become sicker and sicker.

All at the expense of a health, so that big corporations may profit

Another Reason Health is not Achieved!

Because medicine today does not treat the body as one functional system.  Every individual body part and associated system relies on others to have optimal function.

If there is an imbalance in one body part, there will generally be a flow on effect to another.  Each flows and functions in conjunction with each other.

Something to think about:

  • Is the Dermatologist (who treats skin conditions) also qualified as a Gastroenterologist (who treats intestinal disorders).  And, as a Nutritionist so as to treat the cause of the skin disorder; as most skin disorders stem from the gut?
  • Is the Neurologist (who treats the nervous system) also qualified as a Nutritionist and a Haematologist (who treats the blood).  And in chiropractic care to ensure a good blood and nerve supply to the body?
  • Is the Psychologist (who treats mental health) also qualified as a Nutritionist and a Gastroenterologist; as well as being trained in the gut-brain connection?
  • Is the Oncologist (who treats cancer and other tumours) also qualified in Physiological and Environmental Toxicology, Immunology.  And, also in advanced Nutrition so as to treat the body’s natural, innate immune system and assist it to detoxify and heal?

NO! Why not?

Because its backward thinking!!  In the current way of thinking;  you have a symptom or set of symptoms; they have a drug protocol to suit.

There are very few individual body part specialists that have advanced training in complete human physiology (all systems).  Along with functional nutrition for human health.

Some doctors do realise that the current health system is extremely flawed and are treating accordingly.  Unfortunately though, this comes with risk.  There are cases where some of these medical professionals have been redirected or had their medical licenses revoked as a result.

It’s Not the Specialists Fault!

I also believe that it’s not their fault, there is very little funding (or fund raising for that matter), training or incentive for education about disease prevention.

Why is this so?  Hmmm… probably cause there’s no money in healthy people

Telling someone to lose weight, exercise more, eat more carbs and eat less fat don’t cut it as advice.  Along with telling someone to eat margarine, not butter, or to stay out of the sun; is weak and almost embarrassing.

Scare Tactics of Urgency (a Personal Experience)

I, and I expect some of you… have had friends and family who have either died or gone through extreme mental and physical trauma after receiving a “diagnosis” of cancer.

Not a lot of time was wasted, no time was given to think clearly and assess their situation.

They are quickly ushered and hurried into various treatments using scare tactics of urgency; without any options even being discussed.

One day they are fine; then suddenly they get a “diagnosis” and with-in a few days they are being operated on.  They are then fed cocktail of poisonous drugs.  Now they are suddenly very sick! But not from the diagnosis… from the treatment…

Investigating the Cause of Metabolic Imbalance & Damage

This is barbaric way to help someone, more care is needed.  At the very least they should be allowed to prepare physically and mentally.  They should be provided options for whatever route THEY WISH to take.  I mean the “condition” didn’t appear overnight, only the diagnosis did.

Investigating the cause of someone’s illness, condition or disease, mostly is not even a consideration.  Finding out if there are physical, emotional or chemical stressors involved very rarely takes place.

It’s not rocket science, finding, fixing or eliminating causative factors will help the body to heal (at the very least, this should be done in conjunction with their treatments).

Careless Care

Unfortunately there is very little understanding of the links and that the body operates as one unit. Most specialists (not all) are educated to treat the symptoms of diseased or dysfunctional body parts with pharmaceutical’s and surgeries.

Initially this may seem like its worked.  Although, most of the time the cause is not addressed; it’s very rarely even a discussion.  It’s left to manifest further and given time may cause further harm and the need for more drugs.

There is no great advice provided, no education or understanding of their situation. Very little accurate, nutritional advice or supplementation is provided. 

Not enough is done that will move the patient towards better health and long term quality of life.

There is Only One Healer

The fact is that NO ONE except the person who has the condition, can heal the condition.

A person’s own immune system has to be supported in every way possible.  Their immune system is only true HEALER on the planet that can help them retrieve “optimal Health” (for them).

This can be accomplished with guidance and education by those who are qualified to do so

Medical treatments, surgeries and interventions are sometimes absolutely necessary and I fully understand that.  But at the same time proper care should be taken and all options and avenues towards recovery fully covered.

Every doctor; whatever their field, is just a mediator to the patient’s own innate ability to heal.

By compromising the immune function people get sicker and more susceptible to disease. By supporting the immune function they heal and become resistant to sickness and disease.

As a Natural Health Practitioner I am educated in human anatomy and fully aware in how the body systems work as one amazing system (an ecosystem).
I have advance training in Naturopathy & Functional Nutritional Medicine and can guide someone to help their body to heal if it is struggling… and, if necessary I am more than willing to work with someone’s doctor.
Unfortunately though, due to ego I suspect, even in the best interest of the client or patient most refuse to work with me.

I can educate and guide you toward good health and help you get you off that scary ride.


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