A great example of humans being reactive is the fact that we wait for someone to die at a dangerous intersection before we put in a roundabout.

Much to the detriment of humans and every other life force created by Mother Nature;  like it or not most humans are reactive by nature… We seem to have lost the ability to think proactively to prevent situations from ever happening.

Environmental Man-made Disaster:

In my personal opinion! conventional environmental and agricultural practices treat our precious earth like an oncologist treats a cancer patient.

  • We CUT down our trees (the lungs of the earth) and destroy our forests and water ways for a million and one reasons e.g. for resources, infrastructure or agriculture purposes.
  • We POISON the flora and fauna, the air and the ground; depleting delicate ecosystems of beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria.  We kill our precious animals, bugs and pollinators; our birds, bees and butterflies.
  • We BURN .. just because we can!

“Climate Change” is a Monumental Cover Up

Nature has always shown her wrath….it called weather.

Although, now we are experiencing something more obvious, more concerning.  Unfolding consequences of chronic insults to the earth are happening.   We are experiencing life threatening weather as never before.  Extreme floods, freezes, fires and droughts and everyone blames “climate change”.

The TV, media and every other avenue of “controlled voice” tells us so.. its forced upon us to believe.

Well I believe “Climate change” as being an umbrella term they use to distract and hide the facts of what’s really happening.  The damage is so great and at such a stage, that (with the current way of thinking) is virtually impossible to turn around and rectify.

The earth will continue to erode until such a time as wide spread land management and permaculture practices are put in place to begin to fix it.  This would mean a huge shift in conventional thinking…

READ LINK:  What Is Permaculture?

Off on a Tangent !!

Sadly, extremely destructive, unsustainable, poor land management practices are eroding our earth (and our health).  Not to mention other sinister, non-disclosed, human interventions; such as geoengineering.  Geoengineering is climate and weather control using chemicals in our atmosphere.

Man cannot pretend to know more than; “some may say God”  I say “Mother Nature” (or better still; The Laws of Nature) and expect to do a better job…  Current methods result in destructive conflict every step of the way.

The fact is, that there are some despicable humans in power that are hell bent on destroying the earth for greed with no regard for anything else.

I often come across this one liner.. a powerful statement made in 1962, by the then Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson; he stated:

He who controls the weather, will control the world

But, I’ll stop here and leave this rant for another post…

To be Reactive with Health: 

This is no different to our earth management skills.

We always wait for the dreaded diagnosis before taking steps to prevent it.  Even though it was on our mind for years beforehand; we still:

  • Give up smoking after being diagnosed with emphysema.
  • Stop drinking after our liver has packed it in.
  • Decide to lose weight after reaching 100 kg.
  • Clean up our diet and lifestyle after getting cancer… but not before we endure “cut, poison and burn”.
Every Action Has a Reaction

The flow on effect of “our” poorly thought out choices; be they environmental or health related, is nothing short of disastrous.

REMEMBER …Every choice and decision we make either does good or does harm

Poor (or uninformed) choices or accumulation of poor choices that may have been made years ago all have an ongoing effect.  The chosen path will evolve undetected, under the radar for years or decades.

Until, one day the earth or the body can no longer compensate and a disaster unfolds or diagnosis results.

To be PROACTIVE means to control an expected occurrence, situation or preferred result.  Prevention by NURTURING all that Mother Nature provides is all we really need to thrive.

Being reactive means it’s generally too late…


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