Holistic Medicine, Keeping it Real!

Natural Health Practitioner

As a Naturopath; helping people to heal naturally and regain their health and quality of life is my passion.

It doesn’t matter what your current health status is

My knowledge is broad and I am confident in a full spectrum of health issues. Whether you have a minor ailment or something chronic and more complex; I will be able to guide you.

My qualifications, research focused background and personal drive to achieve, provides me the knowledge to create effective outcomes for my clients.

Today’s Health Crisis

I strongly believe optimal health and disease prevention is achievable for most people.  No-one wants to get sick or receive a diagnosis but unfortunately this is the path that many are on.

Many modern day, processed food products are severely compromised.  Most are nutritionally void and packed with chemicals (and not really “food” at all).  They are also contributing to the current health crisis we find ourselves in.

Illness has become “Common” but not “Normal”

Today, illness and disease is widespread and touches every one of us to some extent.  Illness is almost expected and sadly accepted.  It has become very common to receive a diagnosis “COMMON but not NORMAL”.

Contrary to popular belief the human body is not designed to “wear out”. Our cells are continually renewing and rebuilding.  Ideally we should have optimal health and functions long into older age.

We all have Choices

Nontoxic, dietary and environmental choices can be our best medicine.  If done correctly these choices will enable the body to reverse illness, heal and repair years of cellular damage.

Becoming aware and being informed about our everyday choices and in turn making them wisely, may prevent us from becoming a future statistic.

We get “one body” to transport us around in for life; the comfort of our journey is predominantly determined by those choices.

Every Individual is Unique

I recognise that everyone is unique, with a unique set of genetics and influences.  Each individual’s, emotional, physical & environmental factors all lead that person to their current state of being.

These factors may differ greatly from one person to another.  Two people may present with similar symptoms, but with a completely different set of causes.

Therefore each treatment protocol I provide is based on what is right for them.

There is no “Magic Pill” in Conventional Healthcare 

In order to identify causes I need to know your story.  I have created a specialised approach that provides me with insight into your personal health history.

This process allows me to identify areas of concern in both your diet and environment.

There is no “One Size Fits all Approach”

My approach is educational.  Ultimately, I want you to regain your health.  But then going forward, take control and maintain it.  There is a much higher chance of obtaining good or optimal health (for you) by being less dependent on conventional methods.

Treating symptoms with chemicals is not always the solution and masking the problem without concern for its origin may lead to further complications.

Am I the Right Natural Health Practitioner for you?

Addressing the cause, thereby alleviating symptoms naturally is not always a quick fix, and is not always easy.

For a natural health treatment protocol to be successful, determination will be required.  Your dedication will reward you and the results may be life changing.

I will be Available to Guide and Support you Throughout your Health Journey!
  • Do you want an informative, trusting relationship; focused on nutritional and lifestyle guidance?
  • Would you like to get to the root cause of your health concerns so you can finally feel better?

If your answer is YES… then I am the right person for you.

Real People, Real Problems, Real Solutions!

  • Treating Men, Women & Children
  • Regaining Optimal Health (for you)
  • Health Care & Management
  • Understanding your Condition
  • Understanding your Treatment Options
  • Illness Prevention
  • Specialised Nutrition
  • Diet & Lifestyle Advice & Coaching
  • Advice on Detoxifying Self & Home
  • General Health Check-up
  • Functional Pathology
  • Iridology (adjunct diagnostic)
  • Hair Mineral Analysis

Advanced Diploma’s

  • Naturopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Western Herbal Medicine

Senior First Aid


ANTA Certified (Australian Natural Therapists Association)
CMPAC (Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council)
ANRANT (Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists)


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