STOP burying your head in the sand

For most (not all).. The human tendency is to believe anything that comforts them… and to deny unthinkable truths or anything that discomforts them.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored or invisible

Although, when it comes to our current health crisis; sadly most facts are simply ignored. Or worse still, lies and deceptions are believed… all because they sit well and are comfortable.

Burying your head in the sand with health issues will not make them go away. Over time they may compound to the point, that you will be forced to deal with it. Although by then, your once tolerable, ignored issues may become a living nightmare.

Believing and trusting that the current medical system has your best interest at heart and will heal you.. or manage your disease without collateral damage is to be very misinformed. And quite frankly, possibly setting yourself up for a health disaster later on in life.

Another human trait is to be reactive, opposed to proactive

We always wait for people to die at a dangerous intersection before putting in a roundabout. Same with health; we always wait for the dreaded diagnosis before taking steps to prevent it.

Even though it sits in the back of someones mind for years beforehand and they knows it not healthy; they will still eat a poor diet for as long as they can get away with it. 

While they have tolerable signs and symptoms; for example high cholesterol or high blood pressure, they will continue with poor lifestyle choices.  Until such a time that healthier choices are forced upon them, like they:

  • Give up smoking after being diagnosed with emphysema.
  • Stop heavy drinking after our liver has packed it in.
  • Start to exercise and eat healthy after having a heart attack.
  • Assess their diet after gaining excess weight or becoming obese.
  • Stop using chemicals after getting cancer…  And so on.

Life assessments and subsequent healthier changes are finally contemplated after they receive a horrible diagnosis, such as heart disease, T2 diabetes or a debilitating autoimmune condition

Even then, some people still can’t change and just go with the flow.  They believe the doctors recommendation that these things can be chemically managed and they will continue on with their, somewhat “manageable” life.

Yes.. Its manageable, until its not.  Which is inevitable.

I also find that when people receive a diagnosis, it’s almost a relief for them as their suffering now has a name. The danger here is, that if someone takes ownership of the label bestowed to them; it creates an acceptance.

The power of the mind cannot be underestimated here. If you become the victim and take ownership of your disease or condition it may take you over. What you concentrate on most, talk about most, complain about most will more than likely win.

Does this resonates with anyone reading it?

What I am trying to achieve by writing this stuff is a proactive approach to life; prevention opposed to reaction…as humans are  Reactive by Nature

Its your birth right to live with good health, in a healthy society; with healthy kids and healthier generations to come. 

I want to provide information. I want those who have blinkers on to take them off and see the reality of what going on in our “Sick Care” System.

  • Don’t just accept!
  • Start asking questions!
  • If it sounds too good to be true!
  • Find your “lost” common sense!
    Don’t second guess the intelligence of the human body…  If you give it the right tools, it knows what to do

Stop searching for the magic “cure me” pill… it doesn’t exist

Do whatever it takes… 

When it comes to achieving optimal health, ignorance is most definitely not bliss

Take charge of your own health.  Certainly don’t trust someone else to do that for you…  Especially when they can’t even look after their own. I mean, take a look at some of the “so called” health professionals out there.  What a disgraceful example they portray… To provide health advice and drugs to people should you not have to be a healthy person yourself.

Imagine hiring a personal trainer that is obese and unfit.. Would you do it? NO

Every time we go to a doctor, we are essentially hiring that person for their service.  Why on earth would we even contemplate seeing an unhealthy doctor? … there are a lot of them out there.

There has never been an industry that is more important… Leading by example should be mandatory

Whatever your current health status is; as a Natural Health Practitioner I can help you to turn it all around and avoid the diagnosis.  Small, achievable steps in the right direction is all it takes. One step a week is 52 at the end of one year… that can change your life forever.

By learning to change your mindset now you will avoid the pain and suffering later.

✅Be proactive and give me a call… let’s start that journey today.


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