Scales WTF

Why Scales Sabotage Fat Loss… STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF!

The Destructive Morning Ritual of Self Weighers

The daily morning ritual of many is to stand on the bathroom scales. This bad habit of constantly weighing yourself has the power to completely stall and even jeopardise the ability of someone who is trying to lose body fat.

How Scales Can Destroy your Day

People get disheartened when they see the number not change or it may even go up. They are allowing the scales to dictate how they feel about themselves; their scales are literally sabotaging their health.

Some people get so upset by the number in front of them, they may become extremely depressed, or even cry, self-loathing may creep in  Their stress levels may rise; this alone is enough to set them up for failure.

How we think and how we start out our day influences that day’s path. If every day someone wake ups, weigh’s themselves, are then disappointed or upset and this routine continues day after day; week after week, it will wear them down.

Their morning routine and daily path may be leading them along a very long road toward further weight gain & unhappiness.

Hide the Scales…

Fat Loss is the Goal – Not Weight Loss!

People get confused about what the number on the scales is actually measuring.

The human body is not just fat, many factors go into that displayed number; now this is just an example of a possible body composition of a lean adult:
• Fat – Men 15%, Women 25%
• Bone – Men 15%, Woman 10%
• Muscle – Men 45%, Women 35%
• Organs – Men 15%, Women 25%
• Variables – Water content, hormonal cycles, bone density, genetics, minerals and other matter, intestinal & bowel contents etc.

So; if this routine sounds familiar, please throw away those scales and start measuring how you feel and how your clothes fit.

With The Correct Diet & lifestyle advice, the weight will come off.

This post from Raw Energy Health & Coaching describes fat vs muscle perfectly.  Why you should stop weighing yourself!!


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