Medication Collateral Damage… Why aren’t Healthier Options Provided?

All Good Intentions

My intention comes from a great place.  All I want to do is help people to get better and feel better long term, if possible without medication.

I want to inform and let people know that they have other options.  Possibly far better options!  Healthier options; other to what we are told or have been made to believe.

I must express that I am not anti-medications.  Modern medicine is amazing and lifesaving when used in the right context.

That is not what this post is about…  It’s about unnecessary medication when there are safer options.  And, it’s about becoming aware and informed!

Sadly, it’s also about suppression of information and what we are not being told.

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Holistic Medicine, Keeping it Real!

Natural Health Practitioner

As a Naturopath; helping people to heal naturally and regain their health and quality of life is my passion.

It doesn’t matter what your current health status is

My knowledge is broad and I am confident in a full spectrum of health issues. Whether you have a minor ailment or something chronic and more complex; I will be able to guide you.

My qualifications, research focused background and personal drive to achieve, provides me the knowledge to create effective outcomes for my clients.

Today’s Health Crisis

I strongly believe optimal health and disease prevention is achievable for most people.  No-one wants to get sick or receive a diagnosis but unfortunately this is the path that many are on. Continue reading Holistic Medicine, Keeping it Real!