Are Cow’s Milk & Dairy Products Bad For You? You Decide!

MILK & DAIRY … it’s a personal choice!

I apologise if this picture offends anyone and I also I find it very disturbing, but this is reality… Humans drink cows milk…. its just depicted from the source and not a carton in a store… Same Same.

Plenty of people think it’s a perfectly healthy substance to drink; advertisements would have us believe so and encourage us to consume it all the time.

But, unfortunately, it may not be as healthy as we are lead to believe.

I talk a lot about dairy and I am well aware that it’s a very touchy subject; being critical of dairy is like criticising motherhood, it upsets a lot of people.

My intention is not to upset, it’s just to inform.

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Sun – Skin Cancer, Sunscreen & Vitamin D Deficiency

Sun, Sunscreen & Children’s Health?

Instead of learning to love and respect the sun; kids today are being taught to cover up and beware “as it is dangerous”.

Its a crying shame that kids are coping the brunt of this exaggerated misconception and as a result fallen victim to the sunscreen deception.

I cringe when I see well-meaning mothers smothering babies and small children with sunscreen.

I greatly urge all mothers to rethink their chemical sunscreen for a more natural product, or at the very least be pro-active and research ingredients and/or opt for a hat and shirt instead of a chemical.

Or, do what every other animal does on the planet when the sun is strong; sit in the shade or under a tree.

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