Flu Shot… Why It Pays To Be Informed!

We hear it every year, “get your flu shot” or “don’t forget to get your flu shot”, but does the flu shot actually prevent you from getting the flu?

Research has shown flu shots have minimal, if any, benefits in actually preventing you from catching the flu!

Do I get it…? No!

Would I allow my immediate family members to get it…? No!

I also try to educate close family and friends, I strongly discourage but I don’t push. It is an adult’s choice; and some believe it is the best thing to do to prevent the flu. Continue reading Flu Shot… Why It Pays To Be Informed!

STOP burying your head in the sand

For most (not all).. The human tendency is to believe anything that comforts them… and to deny unthinkable truths or anything that discomforts them.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored or invisible

Although, when it comes to our current health crisis; sadly most facts are simply ignored. Or worse still, lies and deceptions are believed… all because they sit well and are comfortable. Continue reading STOP burying your head in the sand

WHAT’S YOUR POISON? Why Healthy People are so Sick!

As a Practitioner, I am just overwhelmed with the amount of people I see that are really unwell… seemingly without explanation.   They have so many signs and symptoms with little knowledge of how they got to this point.

I’m not talking about those who are aware of why their sick.  This is more about the unaware!

Some people live “so they believe” very healthy lives. Continue reading WHAT’S YOUR POISON? Why Healthy People are so Sick!

Sick Child? This One Simple Thing May Change Your Kids Life!

Health Issues in Children are at an all Time High

As of 2018 – 1 in 4 Australian children (aged 2–17) were overweight or obese, some other estimates go as much as a third.


I see kids that are overweight, have breathing problems such as asthma or allergies; intestinal issues such as constipation; horrible skin conditions & learning disabilities.

Also far too many kids have lost their focus, or are hyperactive; and sadly, are wrongly diagnosed with made up conditions… such as ADHD.  Yes, the symptoms are very real; although ADHD along with many other titles, from my personal experiences, are nothing more than a fake disorders.

The cause is never or rarely addressed and when diagnosed allows the doctor to push their dangerous drugs; to which only they benefit, whilst the child manifests further. Continue reading Sick Child? This One Simple Thing May Change Your Kids Life!

Medication Collateral Damage… Why aren’t Healthier Options Provided?

All Good Intentions

My intention comes from a great place.  All I want to do is help people to get better and feel better long term, if possible without medication.

I want to inform and let people know that they have other options.  Possibly far better options!  Healthier options; other to what we are told or have been made to believe.

I must express that I am not anti-medications.  Modern medicine is amazing and lifesaving when used in the right context.

That is not what this post is about…  It’s about unnecessary medication when there are safer options.  And, it’s about becoming aware and informed!

Sadly, it’s also about suppression of information and what we are not being told.

Continue reading Medication Collateral Damage… Why aren’t Healthier Options Provided?

Incentives… Is “Health Care” Deceptive & Misleading?

The Conventional “Health Care” system today is an expensive, deceptive industry.  It should be called the “Sick Care” system, as that is far more accurate description of what is actually provided to the consumer.

We are certainly not provided with many options that actually promote long term optimal health.

Health Care Incentives & Profits are Achieved by Keeping People Sick

Treating community health issues with the vision of making the people healthy is almost never the case…  Society would change dramatically if medical incentives (which are very profitable) were directed toward prevention and treating the cause of disease. Continue reading Incentives… Is “Health Care” Deceptive & Misleading?