The Biggest Health Sabotages in Modern Diets are “FILLERS”

So what are fillers?

  • They are cheap.
  • Fillers do exactly that… they fill you up!
  • The carbohydrate content literally turns into glucose & spikes your blood sugar.
  • All that pure energy that’s not used increase fat stores.. that’s why they used them to feed the starving hoards and fatten livestock before slaughter.
  • Fillers mess with your brain; they have a “feel good” opioid effect, like narcotics; make your addicted, crave and want more.
  • They are used to bulk packaged goods!
  • Fillers may eventually make you very fat and very sick.
  • Also, modern day grains are also a far cry from their origin.  They are now genetically modified and sprayed with poison.

GRAINS are fillers!

Let’s look at what an average person’s meals for one day may contain:

  • Breakfast –  Breakfast cereals and toast (or porridge
  • Snacks – crackers, biscuits, popcorn, cakes or pastries
  • Lunch – sandwich, roll, deli meats, wrap or pie
  • Dinner – rice, corn, sausages, pasta, bread, tortillas, or maybe pizza
  • Condiments – tomato sauce, bbq sauces (most sauces), mustards, most spreads and marinades

The list is endless… Not much room left for goodness!

Now, if we were to remove the days filler foods; what’s actually left on your plate?  For some people, not a lot!

No wonder we have an obesity epidemic.

Fillers should be “Sometimes Foods” 

When I think about an average western diet… I literally just sigh.  I know only too well, that unless someone asks for my advice or help to improve their health then there is literally nothing I can do…  I know better than to preach.

I have to take a back seat and just sit back and watch as those around me sabotage their own health.  Most are doing so without know it; they do not have the knowledge or understanding of the unfelt collateral damage occurring within them.

They don’t know their body is compensating or struggling.  This can go on for many years before finally giving you a warning sign; in the form of a “symptom”.

For half my life, I had that diet…. a “healthy” western diet full of fillers

At the same time I had many warning signs (symptoms); which doctors kept throwing labels and drugs at; with no good outcome.  I didn’t understand then what was happening to me.  Its the same for many people now.

If only I knew then what I know now…  Back then I had chronic inflammation in my joints, brain and intestinal tract.  I also autoimmune diseases manifesting.  I simply didn’t make the correlation between my suffering and my “grain overload”.

My symptoms of toxicity and inflammation included:

  • Chronic osteoarthritis
  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • IBS
  • Weight issues
  • Cellulite that was spreading like wildfire
  • Random rashes
  • Fibromyalgia

And so it goes on and on…

Now, at 50 I have none of those things!

Now, because I don’t eat many fillers, I eat a lots and lots of REAL food.  I eat more nutritious food now on my own than my whole family of 5 did growing up.

In my house, fillers are “sometimes foods” A few times a week we may include a little rice or a bowl of porridge.  Occasionally if we go out, we may be forced to eat “sometimes foods” purely because there is no choice…  Eat that or eat nothing; although, quite often we will eat nothing and just wait until we get home.

Quitting fillers can be a daunting process; I hear it all the time:
  • “I don’t know what to eat now”
  • “It’s impossible to not eat bread”
  •  “I can’t afford alternatives”

There are a many reason (or excuses) as to why a person stumbles and fails in achieving this one seemingly simply thing.

You must find Justification & Compliance (read this) within yourself… or you will fail!

If you would like to become more educated of the damaging effects of “grain overload”.  Or, removing or limiting grains from your diet…  I can help you.

Bottom line… if you are over doing the fillers and are not already suffering; you may be setting yourself up for health issues down the track.

Is this something that you would like to consider? Make contact with me.

Natural Health Practitioner


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