The Madness and Shame of Aging Naturally and Gracefully

So many questions in my mind right now…

Does anyone even consider growing old naturally anymore, gracefully as the universe intended?

Why are young people having treatments to look young; or why do we have these procedures at all?

What drives this obsession?

Why is it becoming more and more detrimental to be taken at face value?

We are commanded by the illusion that the outside world has more authority over us than we have over ourselves.

When you think of it rationally… its simply ludicrous… Since when did aging become a crime of society?

Prior to the last 50 years or so there was very little obsession with aging and every aspect of ones personal appearance. Unless you were a movie star, or in the public eye no one really cared.

Growing older was normal; as long as someone presented clean, neat and tidy they were considered respectable.  That’s how it was and has always been.

Moving forward to present time; aging gracefully and presenting neat and tidy doesn’t cut it!  The competition is on to stay younger looking than your peers.

Its almost unacceptable nowadays to age gracefully and naturally

Now, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do… The pressures (real or perceived) that we feel to visually look younger and hide our age is so ingrained and brainwashed in to us.

From a very young age the insecurities and self expectations of appearance begin to become a life long, heavy burden. Treatments and procedures are expensive and some are extremely painful… so why do we do it?

If you really think about it… besides yourself, very few really care how you age. I’m talking about friends (real friends) and family, they love you unconditionally and they don’t care.  Actually, that statement is not entirely true as unconditional love is on the way out as well!!!

Most people who don’t know you couldn’t care less about your age, weight, hair or wrinkles

In saying that though.. there are exceptions, there seems to be a new generation of judgmental people.  Mainly women, but men as well; these people can’t wait to criticise or belittle someone else to make themselves feel superior.  It doesn’t matter if they know them or not.

The pressures today (perceived or real); especially for women to stay looking young are enormous and can be ridiculously unrealistic.  Men aren’t exempt from this madness either.

Vanity, due to lack of self esteem has become a real issue.  To the point that we think we will be looked at as a lesser person if we don’t conform to societies expectations of what is “attractive” and what “healthy” looks like”.

The health, fitness and beauty industries are just racking it in.  Preying on the insecurities of others.  These are multi billion dollar industries, that before 1970’s were few and far between.  They are now popping up quicker than fast food chains.

Most Common Treatments… no-one thinks twice

  • Dyed hair
  • Fake hair
  • Fake tan
  • Waxed bodies
  • Bleached teeth
  • Botox or fat injections to iron out wrinkles
  • Overly applied makeup

Its almost like we dislike ourselves that much that we must morph into a more exceptable self.

Then there is the extreme side of things; like liposuction, fake boobs, bums, hair implants, plastic surgery… but I’m not going there in this post.

I mean, in my personal opinion (and I’m allowed one) how unattractive is a trout pout or an expressionless overly smooth face… especially on a older person trying to look young.  Sometimes they get it right, but for others its quite the big fat fail.

Being young is something we all experience, enjoy that stage of life, … but growing older ages you; its inevitable and its completely natural.

But for many if not the majority aging is completely unacceptable

the clock must visually be stopped; on the outside anyway

All this expense and pain because of low self esteem and an obsession with what others think about you.  The fear of shame and low self worth can be deep seated, consuming and compounding from many angles; some common causes may be:

  • Brainwashing – TV, magazines, adverts
  • Social media
  • Self consciousness  – excess weight
  • Insecurity
  • Partner criticisms
  • Peer pressures
  • Pressure or threats from your boss or industry
What about you? what do you think about yourself; all the good things that make you, you!

People who love and care about you (I mean genuinely) without a personal agenda, couldn’t care less about you aging naturally.. as they too are.

If someone needs you to dye your hair or iron out your wrinkles or become thinner just so you look good on their arm; do you think they really love you for who you are?  Is your relationship with this person even real? Not if you are both living a lie.

The above is just one scenario; most of the time its not the other person though…

There your fears, in your head…

I must look younger, grey hair is not attractive, I must be thinner… otherwise they won’t love me or I wont be accepted

Its really difficult out there, the world has become so narcissistic and egocentric it truly alarming; well it is to me anyway.  For those living it, its just normal for them I suppose.  They don’t know anything else.

Pride and Vanity 

I’m not talking about having a free ticket to let yourself go.  There’s looking old, then there’s looking your age… 2 completely different things.

I mean, having pride in your appearance is great trait too have.

But, in saying that…

  • there’s pride… which is humbling.
  • then there’s vanity… caused from low self esteem.
  • then there’s mixed perceptions of whats real and what fake… and the absolute necessity to keep your unrealistic perceptions alive.

Ironically the very treatments and procedures that we undergo to stay looking young are a direct contribution to aging you faster and causing disease

Using chemicals to look younger are a temporary measure.  Eventually, the real you will be exposed.  

In the long run Mother Nature will win

As a 50 year old Natural Health Practitioner, I certainly believe in growing old gracefully.  I am happy to embrace my greying hair… in fact, I actually like it.  In saying that.. I won’t lie, I too struggled with those first grays.  But then I made the decision to never dye my hair again.  I know I will never have any unnecessary procedures done either.

Its amazing too me.. the flow on effect of me choosing to not dye my greying hair and how I have inspired quite a lot of my clients to follow suit.  I think once I explain the dangers of the cancer causing chemicals in hair dyes and it soaking into their skull for 45 minutes… its quite an easy decision to make.

People are people and aging is inevitable 

Age should be embraced without guilt and embarrassment.

With grey hair and wrinkles comes wisdom (well, for most anyway).  You wear your own original life map on your face.  Aging naturally makes you interesting and unique.  I mean how lovely can it be, or intriguing is it when your face to face with a really old person.. how their face (good or bad) says it all.

A healthy diet, exercising, sunshine and healthy relationships will help to keep you optimal for your age; inside and out

I can guarantee you, that with every poor dietary and lifestyle choice, chemical treatment and procedures that you undergo, the risk of aging quicker and in poorer health rises.

You can bog up rust, paint and polish a car for many years and it will look great on the outside.  You can put in the good oil and treat it respectfully and it will last years longer….Although, underneath, it’s still aging, all the parts are wearing out… its the speed of that breakdown you have control of.

You are in that drivers seat… your destiny is aging!


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