WHAT’S YOUR POISON? Why Healthy People are so Sick!

As a Practitioner, I am just overwhelmed with the amount of people I see that are really unwell… seemingly without explanation.   They have so many signs and symptoms with little knowledge of how they got to this point.

I’m not talking about those who are aware of why their sick.  This is more about the unaware!

Some people live “so they believe” very healthy lives.

They eat well; they eat meat, fruit & veg, drink lots of water…  They seriously try to not eat too much rubbish.  They don’t drink or very little and don’t smoke.

There are not many vices.

Their family dynamics and family history are strong. They also exercise and are positive, lovely people.

If they are all these things, then:

Why are they so sick and on prescription drugs?

It makes no sense… Whats going on!!!

Well, for me, that’s an easy question to answer…

BECAUSE THEY are being slowly poisoned and NOT even aware of it


Throughout history there has always been poisons and poisonous things that we are aware of and try to avoid.

Although, over the last half century or so;  the gradual influx of toxins into our lives has really ramped up and unfortunately slipped under most peoples radars.   We have been swamped with toxic substances from all angles.

Every aspect of our daily existence is impacted somehow with man-made poisons that are harming us. There is never or very rarely, disclosure about most of the toxins we are subjected to….

The compounding effect of the constant barrage of toxins is just too much for most peoples systems to deal with.

I’m fairly sure that if everyone knew the toxic truth about fluoride that they would think twice about the water they are drinking and bathing in.


As consumers; most people trust that common products, technologies and daily, staple, food items are OK for us and what we must be eating / using.

Why? because everyone else uses them, they are common and our parents use them!  Or maybe they are recommenced by the government; like the recommended dietary requirements.

Well the truth is:

WE ARE SLOWLY POISONING OUR BODY; the result being disease and illness in nearly EPIDEMIC proportions

Even sitting here now writing this I am surrounded by EMF (electromagnetic fields) causing me harm.  I can feel it, as soon as I put the WiFi on I start to get pain in my head and jaw; it happens every time without fail.

Man Made Chemicals have become absolutely impossible to completely avoid.

Glyphosate in Roundup

Another huge health concern that is being swept under the mat is Roundup.  This contains extremely harmful chemicals and is being sprayed everywhere and on everything.

Councils spray this on paths, playgrounds & sporting areas; schools use it in the grounds that our kids are playing on. Our feet and skin are like a sponge… this poison is beings absorbed into our body.

There is also massive widespread use throughout the agricultural industry.  Its all over and through our food.

I’ve seen councils spraying footpaths at school pickup time; the kids are walking through the spray

One of these chemicals  in roundup is glyphosate. I’m sure everyone has heard of it as it has copped a bit of “media” attention of late.  But, as we all know or should know by now; mainstream media is run by big corporate companies.

These companies have a vested interest in this chemical; so therefore they sugar coat and blatantly lie about the truth; much to the detriment of all other living creatures that are exposed to it.

Well believe me, the truth is out there and you don’t have to look far.  Glyphosate is strongly linked to reproductive complications and cancer.. just to name a few.

That one chemical alone is enough to completely destroy someones health & life

But don’t look on government sites for your answers as you will never find them.

Glyphosate Research Articles

 The Truth About Cancer”  

We generally expose ourselves to poisons voluntarily

Without a second thought; we clean with them, we use them in the garden; we place them in our mouths, we rub them on our skin and we inject them into our body.

Common Everyday Poisons in Our Lives

I’m only going to touch on a few examples as there are literally thousands of chemicals used in common products.   

Eat organic where you caN… THIS IS WHY!


Animal vaccines & other veterinary drugs, synthetic hormones such as growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides (glyphosate), dioxins, nitrates & nitrites, mercury, PCB’s & BPA’s and processing chemicals.


As well as glyphosate the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) analysis and testing revealed 230 different pesticides on the thousands of samples they examined.

Dirty Dozen – EWG’s 2018 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

Clean Fifteen – EWG’s 2018 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce


Up to 50 chemicals are added to Australia’s water supplies for a variety of purification and health purposes – The most common of these chemicals are; Chlorine, Fluoride and Aluminium.  Lead is another concern (from old pipes)

Fluoride is Dangerous to Health.. Full Stop

How to Remove Chemicals from Tap Water


Nothing natural here; just a chemical onslaught.

Medication Collateral Damage

Why You Should Never Take Ant Acids

The Truth About Vaccines


GMO’s, refined vegetable & seed oils, BPA’s, Aluminium, Trans fats, added sugars & high fructose corn syrup, mercury & PCB’s in fish, flavour enhances such as MSG, preservatives like Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite (deli meats and bacon)

Hidden Estrogens & The Damaging Effects for Men & Women!


  • Cleaning Products – Phthalates (scents), ammonia, chlorine, parabens.
  • Sunscreen  frequently contain two or more of the following toxic chemicals: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate
  • Make-up – Synthetic colours, dyesformaldehyde
  • Air pollution – chemtrails (geo-engineering or climate intervention) is big at the moment; if you are unaware of these then maybe YouTube this.
  • Deodorant – Aluminium

Aluminium Toxicity & Your Health


Believable, lies & deception are thick and brainwashing us every time we watch TV; especially the news.  Also when we view or read other mainstream media sources.

Violence and fear seems to win out over all other topics that are available to be aired or shared.  It is blatantly forced upon us; news articles are exaggerated or skewed in the direction required to instill extreme fear and urgency into the citizens watching it.

You don’t have to look far to find “Fake News” either… its common

As an example… The nightly news “horror hour” usually begins with a madman stabbing people or running them down.  Then a widespread attack or alert.  Followed by an outbreak of some disease or flu and a child dies.  But, don’t despair because there is a vaccine for it.

Then there are the earthquakes, fires, floods and all the “so called” natural disasters they can fit into one hour.  I say “so called natural disasters” as many of these are disputable and a topic for another day.

My god! this is what people are watching at dinner time! No wonder everyone has digestive issues and then can’t sleep

Being scared of life and being fearful is a strong emotional stressor and may eventually brings about illness.  It may begin with cognitive symptoms like minor depression or anxiety that snowball to something more serious.

Its time to clean up your life.

Its time to get informed.

Its time to make better choices.

I can help you!


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